2mg Klonopin

DYBO Says:

Do they make any other color than white 2mg klonopin? cause i have had green, yellow, and blue 1mg pins. so i am wondering if they make 2mg in a different color or are they white and that's it?

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Jenna Says:


Based on my research, Klonopin 2mg is only offered in white. Is there a specific reason why you're looking for this pill in other colors?

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stephen Says:


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MollyMae Says:

Do all states offer the 2mg?? My dr only gives me the 1mg 4x's a day but I'm still experiencing anxiety attacks and he won't increase my dosage or the mg. He also doesn't accept insurance so I have to pay $125 per visit and I feel like I'm going crazy each time I go bc he doesn't listen to me. He has diagnosed me w untreatable major depression but insists I keep taking this crap depression medication and my klonopin but made me choose between my klonopin or suboxone meds. I'm so fed up w these damn psychiatrists but switching to yet another one means possibly having my meds changed AGAIN. I don't give a crap what color they are I just want some freaking relief from my depression and my anxiety attacks that really interfere w my life.

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Ginger Says:

I know exactly what you're going through, it's so frustrating.

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Mrbobfromeverywhere Says:

Well, first off I would get a new doctor immediately, that is an insane amount of klonopin in my opinion. The fact he does not accept insurance and only cash is a big red flag first of all, so I would be skeptical. Some people are only in it for the money and perks, some doctors get perks for prescribing x amount of people a certain drug each year, so I would do my research. But i'm no doctor, but honestly coming from me being an addict for too many years of my life the best help for my depression, anxiety, anger, etc... was getting out and doing stuff, be it hit the gym everyday for an hour or 2, go skate or snowboard or something. Could be anything. Flying drones for fun, any hobby you enjoy go out and do it to get your mind off of all the other s*** building up. f*** the drugs but you def have to bring it down, cant just quit cold turkey.

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Trissy Says:

How can you tell if a white and round pill with E 65 are fake or real Klonopin (2 mg)?

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