5 Mg Roxicodone Small Round Blue Pill With 48 & 12 On One Side And V On The Other Side

Ricky Says:

just started getting them and not sure how they will make me feel. they"re blue and have 48/12 on one side an a v on tha other side.

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Verwon Says:

That's actually not a 5mg Oxycodone tablet, that's a 30mg Oxycodone tablet and it's actually listed as being an immediate release formulation, so it would be a generic for OxyIR.

And if you were used to taking the 5mg, then this is quite a jump in dosage and you need to proceed with caution. You may experience more side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and constipation.

If it is too high of a dosage, you may also start to show the signs of CNS depression, which could include extremed drowsiness and sedation, shallow breathing and lowered heart rate and blood pressure.


What lead you to believe these were only 5mg tablets?

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matt Says:

Take a look

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Chinko Says:

I was given 10 of this little small blue pills after my surgery and let me tell you oh boy !!!!!!! I feel like i never had any surgery, if you like getting high meaning not been able to sleep or feel like running a marathon this is the one holy s#]+ this thing are alot better then my old yellow 10mg

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von Says:

Ok I found tha pill in question what does it do?

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angel Says:

is oxycodone the same as roxicodone as fare as the drug itself? like a round blue pill with V 48 12 on it is oxycodone which is the same as a roxy 30 mg that is talked about on the streets but just generic right? i want a honest answer please whoever replys thank u

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mud Says:

dude...smarten up. I have chronic issues from a broken back and so on...people that take advantage are the reason why I had to suffer for as long as I did in order to prove I Was worthy of help. Be smart, its not just you it effects...I tried commiting suicide cuz doc wouldnt prescribe anything and ptsd took over, they finally realized the truth and since then I have what I need for help and I am on paper as not able to become addicted since I dont form any withdrawels.

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Joe Says:

Dude that's absurd..It is impossible to be "put on paper" saying you can not form an addiction to opiates.. They're opiates there fore if you take them long enough and your dose is high enough...I bet my life twice over you'll be addicted.

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jac Says:

Technically speaking it is not addicted its dependent and i myself have no withdraws from pain meds either and im on opana and have been for over a year but with the excception of hurting without them i do not get sick. Addicts dont know when to stop.

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Enmluvme Says:

Damn straight you will! Whoever told you that you 'cant' get addicted or go through withdrawl is simply put full of !:#_:&=(#.:($& you most certainly can!

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nolies Says:

you are ridiculous to say you dont go thru withdrawals!!!!! I dont abuse my meds but coming off of them is awful!!! Like the flu times 100. You are lying if you say anything different!

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lisa Says:

I can assure you that the person saying they do not withdraw on pain meds is absolutely telling the TRUTH!!!! Don't be so quick to discount how some people react to being on pain meds then are able to go off them without going into withdrawal. I know this to be a fact because I've been taking pain meds for 7 years, EVERYDAY. I've had 4 back surgeries, two of those were fusions, and have several other issues that cause chronic pain. I was taking oxycontin for 3 yrs and "I" asked to taken off of it as I hated being questioned by pharmacists and just sterotyped all the time. I was taking 80mg, 3 times a day and 30mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain. I didn't want to taper down, I just wanted off, so we decided to just use the 30mg 4 times a day and start taking tramadol again. This worked well for me, and I NEVER went into any withdrawal from stopping the oxycontin. During the past several years I've stopped taking the 30mg cold turkey numerous times for two weeks at a time and NEVER experienced any withdrawls. I consider myself to be very lucky because I've heard and seen on shows such as Intervention how horrible withdrawls can be, and I'm incredibly blessed that for whatever reason, I don't have to experience them. I feel sorry for those that have to go through it.

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Cal Says:

Of course you never went through withdrawls, you were still taking oxy 30's every day haha. The only difference between oxycodone and oxycontin is instant release vs extended. Same opiate. You didnt get withdrawls because you didnt quit haha. Jesus...

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lisa Says:

Maybe you need to reread my post. I said that numerous time I stopped cold turkey taking the 30mg oxycodone and net went through withdrawl. Read before you post.

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harry Says:

Lisa you are still on tramadol correct its non-narcotic but makes the brain think its on opiates that would ease your withdraw from opiates and when in great pain as you said the mind doesnt think about getting a fix.Still you must be one heck of a fighter.

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lisa Says:

Harry..... yes I was still taking tramadol and if that's what has stopped me from experiencing withdrawls, then I'm very greatful. A fighter I'm not, but thank you. I just try to get through each day with the cards I've been dealt.

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Bat Says:

Tramadol is now listed as a narcotic. It's the only thing that works for my fibromyalgia back pain and restless leg syndrome. I take marijuana and was always able to get them but now that they are listed as a narcotic I cant get them anymore but the jacka**** will give me somas; they r narcotic but do nothing for my pain or relaxation.

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Chronically Painful Says:

I agree with the abuse and selling of these prescriptions causes us chronic pain patients to have a very hard time being taken seriously by doctors!!! I have IC and Fibro and I am in severe pain pretty much constantly. Now I'm unable to get the meds that were helping my pain!! People get your s*** together and stop denying true pain sufferers the relief we need!!!!

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Sick in pain Says:

@Cronically Painful, I agree with you 100% .... The ones that actually are in need of the pain medication are unable to get what they need due to these *****s who "fake" a problem or use recreationally. In turn, not realizing what they are doing to the people that are chronically in pain 24/7. It's a sad selfish world when the chronically ill are labeled as drug addicts.

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Tony Says:

I hope this goes to the person I'm trying to send it to. Thankfully I've made it far enough into recovery that long responses like yours explain how you don't have to personally deal with withdrawal symptoms is really nice. I've never said this to anyone else, cause normally if anyone is saying anything similar to you, they're normally being rude to those who do know what it feels like. Just like some people responded angrily at you, don't blame them, it's hard for us on this side to be nice to those who aren't/haven't been. One last thing, thank you for explaining the way you did about how people may not experience withdrawals and using yourself as the explanation. Thank you very much. Just as you said though, please never forget to be thankful for just how lucky you happen to have been made by nature, it's still a lot easier for you to deal with being treated like me/us than actually being one of us.

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Lisa Says:

Tony...I think your message was directed at me and if so. Thank you for not being rude. I'm truly sorry for those that have to go through withdrawal, I feel for them. I've seen enough shows to understand it must be a brutal experience and It gave me an understanding why people do give up and start the drugs again, as it's much easier than going through withdrawal. I can't explain why I have never had to experience it and I understand why people get angry that I dont. I would probably be upset as well if someone could take pain meds for years daily and just stop cold turkey and go about they're day normally. I've gone off the meds many times but have always gone back on, not because I wanted to but because I would be immobile and my quality of life would be nonexistent. I continue to try other noninvasive options at every chance I get, hoping to not have to remain on pills. I will be 50 in 2 years and don't want to have to rely on pills to function. Right now the combination of medicine and inj's. are working ok at best right now and I'm scheduled to try a newer procedure in two weeks. Anyway, good luck in your recovery, you sound like your doing well being half way through it. Stay strong.

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Texican210x Says:

Re: Sick in pain (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

The truth is that anyone will get addicted and they only stop the pain for a little while. I’m a incomplete injury quad and suffer from nerve pain you couldn’t imagine and the only thing that has ever worked for Pain is ketamine infusions.

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JHawg Says:

Re: jac (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

BS!!…. PERIOD!!…

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JHawg Says:

Re: Joe (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

LOLOL….You are absolutely soooo correct my friend !! That musta been some young, silly, ass whom is no more than a rookie with these things

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Professionallymedical Says:

Re: mud (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

PTSD? You need rehab for opiates. That is addiction plain and simple. Millions of humans a day have back surgery every day...and guess what bud. They DONT take pain meds! And in turn, don't have the suicidal ideation...because they are out of pills. It's a mental disorder and unless u treat the core issues u will continually be chasing pills. But it's ur life!

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Jess Says:

Re: Enmluvme (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Everyone's body is different. I used to take Norco. They were fine. Never anything when I didn't have them. When they switched me to hydrocodone I feel tired, have s***s and nausea when I don't have one. Lots of people can take them and not get addicted if you have strong mind and take them right. Every drug is different and has different effects.

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Re: iLovescience (# 50) Expand Referenced Message

You are absolutely correct on your explanations on both of these meds...Soma is matabolized into morphine just before it leaves the body.. this is the reason that they are Soo hard to get prescribed, they mess up the results of UA's.. I've had 4,yes 4 " specialist"tell me this but they had no problem with oxycodone, Fiorinal, opana,or pretty much anything else! Makes no damn sense to me...

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Re: Bat (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

So are you saying that soma is a narcotic?...umm,no, it absolutely is not! Where are you getting your information from?

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Re: Joe (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you! I was just thinking the same thing... shaking my head! Where the hell do so of these people come up with such nonsens!?

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In Pain Daily Says:

Re: Cal (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Oxycontin is a brand name! Oxycodone is an ingredient used in opioids like Percocet. For those of you who are NOT chronic pain patients, learn the facts! I have lived in chronic pain, daily, since 1992! Twenty-six years of horrific pain because a Dr. didn't know what he was doing! Sixteen years later my spine decided to start spinning, like candy cane stripes. I walked completely bent over which was horribly painful. Two years ago I was blessed to find a Dr, who put 3 titanium rods and 38 screws in my back. The pain is not as severe, but due to the original damage to my back, I will ALWAYS be a pain patient. So if you haven't been there, don't assume! And if you are one of those who use off the street and have made getting treatment so difficult for those who need it, you'll never know ahead of time if something will happen to you and you need treatment for chronic extreme pain, I wish you luck finding a Dr who can adequately help you.

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Moni Says:

Yes dude, it's impossible to use these types of prescriptions and you won't be addicted. You are totally wrong when it comes to these prescriptions. All I can say is be very careful. These pills are no jokes at all. You can loose your brain, your thinking, mobility, etc. So on that note, see if you can get something that can help you with your pain, but less dangerous. Good luck, and God bless you sir.

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