9 Year Old On Adderall Xr 20mg

Lauren Says:

So my son, who is apparently "Hard to Handle" at school, has been placed on Adderall XR 20 milligrams once a day every morning. In the beginning he started at a lower dose and it worked but had very poor side effects making his come down brutal. He had fits of rage, anger and crying fits. I am trying to find something different that will work for him that isn't so harsh because now along with the comedown he is throwing up at least 4 times a day at school around noon everyday. His test scores and homework scores have gone up exponentially but that does not provide much reassurance when his attitude and emotional and physical well-being is suffering. His doctor refuses to change anything and says that we are overreacting and that these are common things to expect with this medicine. Any help or advice would be incredibly appreciated.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Lauren! How is your son doing? Has there been any change?

If he is vomiting that much, then something should be done about it. That is not normal, most side effects are mild and transient, they usually go away after about 4 weeks, once someone's body gets used to the relevant medication, according to FDA reports.

Have you considered getting a second opinion?

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Lauren Says:

The second opinion we received was that his dose needed lowered and that we needed to add another medicine to his routine that turned out to have the scariest "possible side affects" of anything I've ever seen and was always primarily for high blood pressure. Very soon after the vomiting began, we took him off his medicine altogether and have since been searching for a homeopathic doctor.

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