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will Says:

Do the new blue A 51 roxicodone pills contain naloxone in them?

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Relly Says:

Does pill A 51 contain naloxone? I took one and something seems different about them. My face started tingling and I had shortness of breath. I have been taking oxycodone for over 1 year and always responded well to them. But for some reason today my pharmacy had these A51 oxycodone and they seem different.

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Checkitout Says:

Hey man - No they dont. Question though, I just got these for the first time and am a little weary of them. Are yours thicker than like most other brands? Like compared to a M or a or something. Only other person Ive ever seen online with these haha

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Grimaldi Says:

I get blue ones that have a fancy "V" on it. Works for me :)

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David Says:


Round blue "A 51" tabs by Amneal Pharmaceuticals are actually a generic form of Oxycodone hydrochloride 30 mg, NOT brand name Roxicodone.

However to answer your question, they DO NOT contain Naloxone (the only active ingredient in these is Oxycodone). I think you must've mistaken these for Suboxone?

Hope this helps!

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