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JZ Says:

I took opioids for 20 years, got in trouble with law mid 2019, and was sentenced to drug court late 2019 after serving 6 months for unrelated charges. So when I got out I was "clean" and free from opioid dependence for the first time in many years. However the mental addiction was still there. Even though I was subjected to 2 drug tests a week, I would still take opioids occasionally. I would get away with most of the tests, but after 9 months of using about 2 times a month I finally got caught. They gave me an ultimatum. So I chose medical assisted treatment. I got on Sublocade, even though I wasn't physically dependent. That was 4 months ago. It works good to cut my cravings, but I still have days where I will have them. The injection is different from the films.

With the films, you can use right away, and then wait until you're sick to re-take your film. With the injection, you'll go into precipitated withdrawal, because its slowly released at all times, so that makes it so I won't use whatsoever. 2 things, the injection is painful. I have a 6 pack, so very little fat to inject into. So I will have injection issues, soreness, redness, tenderness, itching.. It's pretty painful initially, then mildish pain throughout the month. So if you're skinny with little stomach fat, just know that the injections will suck and you'll have discomfort throughout the month. Secondly, I don't know what's going to happen when I stop Sublocade. My doc explained it that the withdrawal would be minimal because it slowly releases the dose. But I know I will be have opioids laying around just in case any wd symptoms occur.

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kf3355705 Says:

I want to reply because I used Sublocade for several months and thought it was wonderful. Much more convenient than Suboxone for several reasons. Please hang in there. Stick with Sublocade. Sublocade is what made it a lot easier & possible to get off of all of it, including Sublocade. I've been free of this medication for about 7 or 8 months ago. They are correct by telling you the withdrawals are very minimal and doesn't compare to what we've experienced in the past. To me, Sublocade is a major stepping stone towards sobriety. The mental part of it was easier as well. That's the hardest part, too. Ut won't be physical as much as mental but that, too eases with a little time & determination. Lastly, you are so right about the pain from the injection. It's overwhelming at times but doesn't last long. Thanks for sharing your story.

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Anonymous Says:

Frankly, I’m in disbelief that you were forced to get on the Sublocade injection despite the fact that you were not physically dependent! Are the powers that be TRYING to create more addicts??

If you don’t mind me asking, was there another element to that scenario such as Parole or probation? I guess at that point, there really aren’t any options, but I still find it UNACCEPTABLE to force anyone onto a drug! INSANE!

In response to your questions about Sublocade, you may find this interesting: Sublocade - Curious? Theory For Many Successes & Failures

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Optimistic Says:

Idk how the withdrawals won’t happen, I took suboxone years ago, weaned down to 2mg a day for a long time, then I quit and the withdrawals were worse than when I just weaned off pain pills and stopped.
I don’t see the value of suboxone unless you are using it for harm reduction, rather than using street drugs.
It didn’t eliminate withdrawals for me it actually made them last a lot longer. When I quit taking oxycodone the worst of the withdrawals were the 3rd night and the they got better from there, and we over a couple days after that. With suboxone they lasted two weeks at least.

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Optimistic Says:

Re: Anonymous (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Department of corrections likes to have people on opiate blockers if they keep using opiates. So it sounds like he got caught using and this was their solution.

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