Aldix-1 Alprazolam 1 Mg From India Customs

TangerineMeoW Says:

Hello my cat ordered generic Xanax from a "Canadian " pharmacy. When he tried to track his package, it started in Delhi. The package got detained. reason -other. My cat was climbing the wall it was scary. 2 days later my cat got the pills and they had imprints. My cat was scared that he would get fake pills. Imprint was R S and a J it looked like a Nike symbol. My cat took some 45 minutes ago. He feels that they are real. However, my cat thinks that this is pretty much the last time.

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Fingal Says:

I have Zannet Aldix-1. Seems to have efficacy. Anyone else know about Zannett Pharma and Aldeix-1?

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Fingal Says:

Aldix-1 is the generic for alprazolam manufactured by Zannet Pharma. It is the real deal. There is no incentive for vendors to supply customers with pharmaceuticals that have no efficacy. The India market depends on repeat customers. Aldix-1 as good as the U.S. Companies that contract INDIA companies which make thier product, which the U.S. FDA approves. Same thing. Go figure.

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Neno Says:

Does anyone knows what digipam10. I ordered via mail, but I can't find what it is for. Please advice.

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Banjo Says:

Curious-- dog just received his pills. They are white with sane symbols you describe from India. Any updates on the well being of your cat?

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Banjo Says:

Curious-- dog just received his pills. They are white with sane symbols you describe from India. Any updates on the well being of your cat?

Also pills white, but says "sunset yellow" in small print on back of package.

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Meow Says:

your cat?? really..that's the best you can do to identify time use s.w.i.m..(someone who isn't me) - its just funny..thats all...

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ted Says:

A friend of mine received alko-1 usually he would get tranax or warnex but this time round these. There 1mg white with t n on one side and a tick or correct sign on the other from India... Are they fake??

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Bob Says:

I got the same ones there not as strong as orthers but i tink there very weak

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Pam Says:

Re: ted (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

How did your friend order these what package did they come in

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Mark Says:

There are ten 10mg diazepam. I've been on the tablets for 22 years, but I know cause my dog is on "dizzypam". That is what my vet gave me (10mg DIZZYPAM). I said, "what are they?" He turned around and said they're DOGGY VALIUM 10MG, BUT THE BATCH COULD BE DODGEY CAUSE OF HER WEIGHT SO LOOK OUT.

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Gavaldo Says:

Re: ted (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah they're fake or they're not the correct strength so who knows why that would be! So when people say yeah they're good, then why are they so chalky & differently strengthed? There’s a reason that they are cheap my friend. You’ll get an effect but who knows if the thing inside is whatever it’s meant to be. Be safe.

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Larry Says:

Re: Fingal (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Please share more details re meds

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