Adco-alzam 0.25mg For Stress Relief

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tonyav Says:

My doctor had given me these tables to calm me down and they make me very sleepy. Are they sleeping pills?

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Verwon Says:

This medication contains the active ingredient Alprazolam, commonly sold in the US under the brand name Xanax.

It is not a sleeping pill, but some of the side effects include drowsiness and sedation, so it is sometimes prescribed for insomnia.

It is commonly used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders.

You can read more about this medication here:


Is there anything else I can help you with?

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desjoburg Says:

i have been taking cymbalta for a week and I wake up around 2:00 am evey morning, is it safe to take adco-alzam 0.5mg before going to bed.

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InsomniaFreak Says:

I was recently prescribed this drug as a tranquiliser and was told to take one every time i felt anxious. Can taking more than one at a time be bad for me and how so?

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Roy Says:

I have a courtdate soon and would like to be calm and no anxiety as i have suffered from anxiety before ....this may sound like a silly question but is 025mg(white tablet) half of 0.5(light orange tablet?...which will be better to use?

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Nunu Says:

My dr has put me on 025mg & 0.5mg for my anxiety after my Mom's death last week. They make me so drowsy, is this normal as am at work?

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cassie Says:

can a person overdose on it , im worried

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lindamine Says:

I have been on benzos (alpralozam) for the past year, for naxiety. I was prescribed 4 / 1mg. tabs a way could i do that...tried and it just knocked me out.

What I did arrive at is every 3 hrs, i take 1/2 mg.(or tab) every 3-4 hrs....try to stay ahead of the anxiety. Pschiatrist told me to take it no matter stay ahead of the anxiety, before it turns into full blown panic...It took me a couple of months to work this at and find a level that I could still live with during the day. I take 1.5 mgs. at night, for bed.
I suffer severe anxiety, with bipolar, and argue that this is not "treatment" but just something to control it.....Pdoc disagrees and says this is the only way to go for someone like is working out ok for me now...took a while for my body to adjust...sometimes i might switch it up a bit if more anxious or less.....this has been my only answer as far as taking care of the anxiety...mine is dibilitating, at times, unable to fact, it lead me into a complete breakdown last year and could not work for 4 months.
Don't take anxiety will consume you if you do not keep it at bay.
For you, it sounds as if it is more of an "environmental" issue, as opposed to a disorder or disease.

You just have to be willing to work with it....try taking just half a dose...and then take a little more a little later.
good luck

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lynn Says:

hi there i'm also drinking it.doc has prescribed it for me dad passsed away just over a year ago.still dealing with his death

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bill Says:

if you start taking more at bed time.. you'll run out of meds before the month is out.

I run into the same prob.... thats why i buy several extra online... to pick up the slack. many easy online places to buy $ around $1.10 a pill with shipping and delivery.

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bill Says:

What ever Benzo he gave you... is doing what its suppsed to do , make you calm.
Maybe just take .25... every time you take one... and not so often.
I take Ativan, but i take it for sleep.. i could never function at work taking a Benzodiapine.

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Michelle Thompson Says:

I have been suffering from nerviousness and anxiety from a very young age. My grade 3 teacher wrote a comment in my final report that "Michelle's nerves are on the edge" i was really sad about that because i did not understand but am now always experiencing terrible presure head aces eminating from my shoulders even if i am not under stress or presure. The headaces eventually created stomach ulsers from all the pain tablets that i have been taking. A collegue refered me to her doctor and told me to explain that i am serverely heart broken and am struggling to cope with it. I was treated with Lily Fuoxitine which helped with that and for a year or two i did not suffer from as much headaces. I stoped taking Lilyfluoxitine and the presure headaces stated again with a very low tolerence for everybody. I am very sad because now the dossage has increased but i went to my doctor one day and told him that i am so angry and it feels like i can hurt someone if something is not done i was given the Alzam 0.5mg and it helped me however as soon as i do not take it for a couple of weeks i become up tight for no reason at all i feel sad for no reason i become extremely sensitive and get angry very quikly with terrible outbursts which is not in my nature. I need help without these two drugs i am always feeling sick. The continuouse headaces and stomach pain causes friction in my relationship with my husband and children.

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shazzyben Says:

I use 0.25mg - 0.50mg alzam per day for anxiety. It is the ONLY thing that quickly calms down my panic symptoms without any side effects. I don't get drowsy - if I take it before bed it just relaxes me. Doctors don't want to prescribe this longterm as they say it had addictive properties (I only take when I feel panicky so usually one or two tabs a day of the lowest dose). Where can I get this online without a script? I am in south africa. I heard about rxonlinepharma - some say its great but majority reports is that is it not a legit service and you could end up paying and not receiving the goods. Does anyone have a personal experience with this company/service. I am scared to go through with the transaction to pay R600 for 100 tabs plus shipping (usually costs me about R40 for 60 tabs, but then I have to pay R350 for seeing the doctor and try justify why I want only alzam as they all keep prescribing anti depressants and SSRIs which just make me so nauseaous and sleepy)

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Liesel Says:

I've been on antidepresants (nuzak, tripiline) about 12 yrs now, am on (alzam, purata ) for 2 weeks now , bout it makes me feel tired and sleepy during the day! I felt the nuzak did nothing for me . I'm still very frastrated and angry, got 2 kids and i think its unhealthy for them to constantly see me so unhappy !

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Brendie Says:

The orange one is 0,5mg. I only use it when I am anxies or stressing alot

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boo boo Says:

it f***ed me up terrible as I am hiding from the police ad well I was prescribed this to keep calm. it worked awesome.

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cher Says:

Hi There, I am in the same position as you, i suffer frm realy bad panic attacks and major insomina, i am on alzam 0.25mg, and adco zoliderm 10mg a day, but need more of both, and my doctor wants to take me of it, i no all about the addiction, but i want a quality life an not feel so anxious and having pani attacks all day, please let me know if you have come right, and got your pills i m so desperate at this point, please let me know.

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shazzyben Says:

Hi Cher
In reply to your post below
"Hi There, I am in the same position as you, i suffer frm realy bad panic attacks and major insomina, i am on alzam 0.25mg, and adco zoliderm 10mg a day, but need more of both, and my doctor wants to take me of it, i no all about the addiction, but i want a quality life an not feel so anxious and having pani attacks all day, please let me know if you have come right, and got your pills i m so desperate at this point, please let me know."

To be honest, I decided to keep far away from buying prescription medication online - firstly, I heard bad reports about the company supplying them, that they took money and didn't supply or they did supply but it wasn't quite what it was supposed to be. It would actually be HIGHLY risky and dangerous to buy medication online as you don't know what you might be getting.
I have actually improved my anxieties after changing jobs - I hated the place I was in, I always felt I was sinking and could never reach my targets I set myself cos they kept giving us more and more work and there was a lot of nepotism and so many things that would upset and frustrate me so once I realised it was my job causing a lot of the anxiety I worked hard at finding another job. I also have done a lot of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practices - I have identified anxiety triggers, how I normally deal with them, what I can do about them (cos we always feel out of control in a panic attack) so I needed to know there were some parts of my life I had control of.
I have been repeatedly told to exercise as its great for improving anxiety - I just haven't gotten to it yet.
I have gone from 0.25mg-0.75mg a day to 0.25mg may 3-4 times a week! So its definitely getting better... I encourage you to try find some practical ways to recognise your anxiety triggers and what you can do about them. Your doctor can prescribe you the alprazolam (Xanax/alzam) and 0.25mg a day is actually a really low dosage but they just don't want to prescribe it long term. I have been given valdoxane 25mg a night and 10mg urbanol in the morning : slower to act than the alzam but I think they are helping me cope better.

To the other readers - wow! 4mg a day seems quite a lot - benzodiazipines are well known for addictive properties so doctors don't like to prescribe it long term. I suggest you see a psychiatrist who can work on the proper combination of meds and perhaps give you an antidepressant that can improve your anxieties too. I am not surprised 4mg a day makes you sleepy and sluggish.... Try Cognitive behavioural therapy - it makes you feel like u have a bit more control over things and realise that you don't have to panic about everything, exercise too....
To the person who asked if you can overdose on it - well taking too much of any medication is overdosing. I would say try not to take more than 1mg a day at the absolute maximum - but also it depends on what other meds you are taking as some meds interact badly with others and increase drowsiness.
Check with your doctor first.
Roy : 1/2 an orange 0.50mg tablet is the same as a 0.25mg white tablet.
@insomniafreak - check first with your doctor before mixing medications - it can be dangerous. Some are fine to take together (I am not going to say which as I am not a medical specialist just an anxious nutter!).
Also a note : Grapefruit interacts with the ingredients in alprazolam and slows down the absorption which can result in a build up in your body which is not good - so stay away from grapefruit if you're on this.

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cher Says:

Hi There

Thanks so much for your response, i know it defnitely my worries of work and other major crisis that is causing this heavy conditions,but its so hard to get out of it when u feel so low and no confidence, that is what these panic attacks have done to me, it has isolated me , I feel like I cant articulate myself properly anymore, I get super anxious even when having to hold up a normal conversation, even with my friends, it makes me sick, that this is what my life has come to, I think I had bouts of this anxiety when i was younger, but then I had things going for me, and I didnt try an identify it,but since last year when I had a really hectic one that lasted the entire night, I went to a doctor, and he gave a name to what I was feeling, and then I think you kinda of put yourself in that catergory and kind of disable yourself, cause "you suffer from this", even though the feelings I experience are real and there, I have just become so reliant on the alzam and zolpiderm, and as you said its such low doses, but I think its just that safety net knowing that its there, I just need to get my life in order, just struggling to follow through.

Thankyou for taking the time out to respond and I happy that you have managed to go a different route.

Keep well

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elzmari Says:

I have adco alzam 0.25mg I got it from my pharmasist on exact date 17/11/2008. can I still use them today (16/10/2014)???

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