Atipam-2 Vs Lorazepam 2mg (Top voted first)

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Atipam-2 is supposedly identical to Lorazepam 2 mg. Is this true?

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Sim Says:

Well is it exactly the same as Lorazepam or is it just some kind of knock-off with similar effects? I need to know if the chemical make-up is similar or identical.

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Verwon Says:

Since this is a foreign drug that is not legally available, nor sold in the US, it is impossible to know for sure what it is, or to be certain of its purity, safety or efficacy.

That is the risk you take when ordering from a non-licensed pharmacy online without a valid US prescription. Not only do you not know what you are getting, but it is also illegal.

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roy Says:

Yes, Atipam-2 is Lorazepam 2mg, so it does contain the active ingredient which is in question...

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