Benfotiamine Methylcobalamin Alpha Lipoic Acid Inositol Chromium Polynicotinate Pyridoxine Folic

Resha Says:

What are tablets with the combination of Benfotiamine Methylcobalamin Alpha Lipoic Acid Inositol Chromium Polynicotinate Pyridoxine Folic used for

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Verwon Says:

This is just a nutritional supplement that's meant to prevent, or treat a deficiency in the vital nutrients it contains.


Has your doctor recommended that you take it?

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Pamella Onyambu Says:

My doctor recommended that I take this medication of Mehthylcobalamin ,Alphalipoic acid, selenium,chromium chloride, colic acid and inositol tablets
What are they for and what are the side effects?

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sharda rani Says:

prescribed XON-ALPHA (contains benfotiamine 150mcg, mecobalamin 1500mcg, alpha lipoic acid 100mcg, inositol 100mcg, folic acid 1.5mg, chromium picolinate 200mcg & selenium dioxide 55mcg for Brachial Plexus/fracture in left shoulder. Also advised Q-Cell+ which is not available. patient is diabetic. Please advise effects/adverse effects.

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omprakash Says:

Composition tablets: Alpha Lipoic Acid , Pyridoxine Hydrochloride , Methylcobalamin , Folic Acid , Vitamin D3

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dilip Says:

Slight tremors in right palm while lifting small thingsj.Dibeticforlast sixteen years.reasonable bloodsugarcontrol.Taking cynoplus total of regularly along with antidibetics and

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Manish Says:

My doctor suggested to take one tablet daily for philological problem

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Vaibhav gupta Says:

Re: sharda rani (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

XON-ALPHA medicine also known as XON-A ??and the co. Who made this medicine is cenechio pharma pvt. Ltd.??

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vinay Says:

Re: sharda rani (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

max pill has the same composition. you can by this. it is safe for diabetic patient

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