Blue Oval Pill Y On One Side 20 On The Other (Top voted first)

Kimbo Says:

Found these when I was cleaning my daughter's room and I can't find any information on what they are.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Kimbo,

As Juan pointed out earlier I was able to match the imprint y 2 0 with an alprazolam tablet. This medication is orally ingested and most commonly used to treat anxiety disorders. Here is some additional information regarding the specific brand of this medication. (NDC 65862-678)

Active Ingredients:

alprazolam 1mg

Inactive Ingredients:

Silicon Dioxide
Starch, Corn
Docusate Sodium
Sodium Benzoate
Lactose Monohydrate
Magnesium Stearate
Cellulose, Microcrystalline
Fd&c Blue No. 2


Aurobindo Pharma Limited







I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.

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Screwed over Says:

Re: Juan (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

They are horrible. I got my script n it's like it took 2 to get the same effects from a different pharmaceutical company. Don't waste your money
Had them tested and as I suspected you aren't getting what you paid for.

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HillALee2009 Says:

Re: Screwed over (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

How did u have them tested? Lmao u paid over $1k to have them checked out by a Lab? My husband is a Lab tech and its very costly to do any testing like that.

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Juan Says:

If they are light blue and football shaped they are 1mg alprazolam tablets

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Fijianwarrior81 Says:

They are Xanax. No good . I just picked mine up from the Pharmacy. I take as needed. Strong meds

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Cherylynn Says:

Xanax oral. 1.0 mgs. Google it! Geeeesh. If she drinks alcohol and uses marijuana combined with this telling an opioid you're in for a train jumping the tracks and going right off the cliff.

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T Says:

Re: Screwed over (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Not to mention they are 1 mg compared to the bars that are 2mg so obviously not as strong

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Matt Says:

Re: Screwed over (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

What brand do you prefer?

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