Can I Take Pepcid If Taking Ziac

Karen Dodson Says:

I've been taking the perscription drug Ziac for hypertension for 2 months. In the last week I have developed bad heartburn. Is it o.k. to take Pepcid Complete while taking Ziac?

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nenene Says:

It is perfectly safe to take Pepcid or any other type of antacid with Ziac; however, you really should read the indications and interactions. There is a whole list of medications that cannot be mixed with Ziac. Pepcid or antacids are not one of them.

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Verwon Says:

That is actually incorrect, taking some antacids with Ziac may cause an elevation in your calcium levels, due to the calcium carbonate in the antacid, and they Hydrochlorothiazide in the Ziac. The FDA has issued prominent warnings about this danger. Additionally, Hydrochlorothiazide taken with magnesium in the Pepcid Complete could result in a laxative type effect, and overall cause dehydration, an electrolyte imbalance, and possible kidney problems. The calcium carbonate can also lower the efficacy of the other active ingredient in Ziac, which is Bisoprolol.

However, there are no problems listed between taking it with just the regular Pepcid, which contains Famotidine, though you should always double check with your doctor, before taking a new medication. But, I take it just fine with my blood pressure medications, my doctor has prescribed it for me.

Are there any questions?

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