Capsules Of Mecobalamin Alpha Lipoic Acid Vitamins
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gagandeep kochar Says:

i m a hyperthyroid patient doctor recommend this capsule why? when i had this capsule daily. acne and pimple come on my face. it means its not suit me or some other reason? when i use 2 avoid this capsule my face become clear. pimple also leave mark on my face.

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S B singh Says:

Plz Dr help me. I am 60 years old, suffering from sever fingers stiffness and pain with shoulder pain wrist pain since long. Taking some analgesics but temporarily relief.
icannot work properly with fingers.taking some ayurvedic medicines and neurobion fort inj. But relief is not. Plz guide me.i am very thankful if it cures permanently from your guidance. Plz help me. S B Singh Varanasi.

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jsingh Says:

I am suffering from left side pain in body since three year..but medicaly not diagnose this problem.

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