Dark Yellow Xanax R 039

bubba Says:

It is shaped like a xanxa bar and is very dark yellow like mustard and has R039 on it. Is it a good quality brand or not?

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David Says:

Hi bubba,

Just to confirm, the 2mg Alprazolam marked with R|0|3|9, is a 14.00 mm rectangular bar with a mustard-colored shade of yellow, including three score lines on the back. The "R" should also be "cursive-like" with a little line extending outward like this "-R".

However if you believe you have a bad one, I would still encourage you to look up the pill on google images for a more visual comparison.

Reports say that it should be made by Actavis as well as carrying a National Drug Code of 00228-2039 for verification.

I hope this helps!

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Kvilly77 Says:

So again with the bad/good Xanax bars R|0|3|9. I placed a half against my tongue and it seemed fine! Now explain that!

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Me Says:

One time at band camp my boy scout teacher gave me some I woke up my but hurt can u help me please

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beautiful blonde Says:

How do you get these prescribed bc I'm in need, dealing with PTSD and the bad meds here in MS. It's bs

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PrincessTiana Says:

It’s not real. Do not take it - you don’t know what’s in it regardless of how it tastes. It could possibly contain fentanyl.

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Mney Says:

Re: beautiful blonde (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Go to a general practitioner say u wen to er wit chest and breathing pain and the gave u a benzo that helped cuz u fel. Like u were dying and having a heart attack. He will perscribe for u once then send u to a psychiatrist and just act manic like no one has wanted to help u except for the er dr who gave u say librium but a friend gave u half a xanx bar u put under ur toung n it worked best. Jus seem desprate for relief. Or tell the truth n jus go straight to psych dr. But drs dont like to perscribe xanax first very rare unlesu u have a history of it

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goldrust Says:

Did the tablet work for anxiety or not?

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