Did My Generic Adderall Cause Me To Test False Positive For Methamphetamine??

Adeline Says:

I take d-amphetamine salt combos 20mg twice daily, and I recently had a hair drug test for pre-employment purposes. I tested positive for methamphetamine at a level of 570ng/mg, but I have never touched meth! They already did the GC/MS, and are now doing an isomer test, but they say that my adderall could NOT have cause a positive meth result! I've seen in other responses that this is possible, however I can't find any documentation to prove this. I've read over the Adderall and methamphetamine information profiles on this site, but still don't have the proof I need. Does anyone know where I can find this documentation? Please help!

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David Says:

Adderall does contain amphetamine, which is commonly reported as a false positive for Meth-amphetamine. So you are not alone on this.

Many pre-employment drug tests are cheap and often result in false positives, with a below average success rate. Most pre-employement test can only distinguish that you've had amphetamines and usually shows up wrong on the "type" of amphetamine; same goes for pain medications. If you were to get this same drug test at a rehab clinic or a hospital it probably would not have come up positive for Meth.

The information on the false positive for Meth is sourced from a Physician's Desk Reference, but can also be viewed by clicking here

I hope this information helps! Please post back if there's anything else I can help you locate.

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Ron Says:

Yes Adderall shows positive for methamphetamines on a five panel test.Only a molecular scientist can tell the difference.I know because I smoked meth and had a prescription for Adderall which I never used.

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dada Says:

You are screwed. So much for that job. Here's where the problem lies Meth partly turns into Amp, but Amp doesn't turn into Meth...at all. Especially not those levels. I don't know why they would even do the last test, which tests to see if something is l-amphetamine or d-amphetamine. If you were on a medication called Selegiline and they found Meth and Amp, then they would do that last test, because Selegiline breaks down into l-meth and l-amp. They would have to do that last test to find out if there was any d-meth and d-amp. If there was, the Selegiline excuse doesn't help ya an longer..

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forreal Says:

The D isomer found in meth will get you in the end. I have a script to adderall and psudoehedrine and still failed the gc/ms test. No way to out smart it. Stop lying to yourself and just quit before more pain is caused.

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Meg Says:

Yes it will if you take Sandoz/Eon marked E404 generic Adderall you WILL test positive for methamphetamine taken several hours prior to the test, at very high levels. No other generic will cause it. There is a particular "bioequivalent" that Sandoz is using that will fail the test. Since it is an ingredient they are using, hair test etc will show it as well.

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Dr Joey Says:

Gee, I'm only a Board-certified psychiatrist (General; Child & Adolescent; Forensic and Psychosomatic Psychiatry) with a PhD in Pharmacology and I can order a tox screen that will provide definitive evidence of literally any amphetamine, amphetamine salt or metabolite. Only a moron would claim to have taken Selegine, by the way. Exactly how stupid do we look. Incidentally,the Sandoz generic for Adderall IR tablets is the most reliable. Shire, the company that pulled Dextrostat (which was in every way equivalent to Dexedrine) in order not to damage sales of their new Golden Goose — Adderall in all those forms — took the money and sold the rights, proprietary information, trademarks, etc., to as cheap generic house. Cheap as in quality of their product. I don't like Adderall — it's a scattershot drug that makes no sense pharmacologically and there's no valid/reliable data to support its claims of gentle, progressive onset and the same for the drug's cessation of action. Dexedrine tabs (no longer marketed), Dexedrine Spansules (5-, 10- or 15mg time-release) or Dextrostat Tabs (5- and 10-mg; worked as well as the brand, but Shire didn't want to take any chances and pulled it without warning) simply are better drugs for any indication for amphetamines. A high school friend brought her son in — now age 10 — and despite the fact that he has always liked me and always behaves perfectly around me, with serious ADHD. About five or six years ago, when she was living in another city and home for a visit, I helped her out by prescribing Desoxyn (methamphetamine HCl) Syrup. No reason for her to lie to me and plenty of reason for me to believe a doc would be afraid to prescribe it. She had medical records; I did the standard stuff, although I knew the kid and I wrote the script. This year, I couldn't FIND any Desoxyn or methamphetamine 5mg tabs (one generic company makes them) available. Finally, I called a med school friend who works for Abbott, the company that introduced Desoxyn. Production suspended indefinitely; shipping suspended indefinitely. I asked if that was corporate-speak for "We don't want the honored and venerable name of Abbott Laboratories associated with ANYTHING that contains methamphetamine, even though Abbott Desoxyn (or generic methamphetamine tabs)have practically nothing in common with Crystal Meth. The drugs are absolutely not used an precursors or intermediaries in the manufacturer of that poisonous bootleg crap — if I can't get it for a patient on prescription, the dealers sure as Hell can't — and, of course, the prescription drug is exactly what the label says it is. This girl and I were good friends in high school and I made a few calls. Fortunately, there are no life-threaterning conditions for which Dexosyn and only Dexosyn in indicated — and no, I didn't try off-shore or shady Internet pharmacies.

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C Hill Says:

Bottom line is there are many drugs that are similar, have the same effects, and test the same, People can get just as messed up and addicted to prescription drugs as they can non prescription drugs. Two people can take the exact same amount of the same drug and drive a car. If they are both pulled over for DUI and tested, the guy with the "prescription" will not be charged. The guy without the prescription will be charged with a felony in some states and sent to jail. So somehow, one guy
is a danger to society, is under the influence of a "dangerous drug" and should never be allowed to drive again, and the other guy is not, just because he has a piece of paper. Yeah, OK.

The Pharma companies create drugs all the time that mame or kill people. There is always some class action lawsuit going on about some drug they advertised on TV that turned out to be lethal, or caused serious harm to those who used it.
But hey, no law against those drugs. Every stupid drug commercial out there lists 1 or 2 things positive about the drug, followed by "may cause A, B, C, D, Heart attack or even Death" But they are legal and everyone should go out and get their prescription for that crap."

So the bottom line, is if the Rockefeller Dynasty or some other Big Pharma manufacturer is making money and has a patent, then you are free to get just
as addicted as you want, whether it kills you or not. If they don't have a patent
and aren't making money, it is illegal, and they will lock you up for having it or taking
The same people who control this industry also control the FDA and the AMA, WHO, CDC, etc. So it's not about whether a food or drug is harmful to your health, it's about making sure those people make the money. John D. Rockefeller started these organizations back in the early 1900s for just that reason. To ensure nothing got thru that he couldn't patent or control. If they gave a damn one bit about whether or not it is harmful or fatal, Monsanto would not be the monster that it is today.

They cannot patent natural substances, and that's why Hemp is and will probably always be illegal. Rockefeller was behind that too.

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Courtney Says:

I just went through the same thing. I take prescription adderall xr, 10mg, and recently had a urinalysis drug test that came back positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine. I have taken adderall for years and this has never happened to me. I was taking no other medicine, prescription or over the counter that could have caused the positive meth result. The test was not an on-site dipstick or instant type drug test either, it was sent to a lab and the results even listed the amount of each drug that was in my system. The amount of amphetamine was somewhere around 2600 ng/ml and the amount of meth was somewhere around 2500 ng/ml. I have never taken meth, so of course i fought it, and paid to have more extensive testing done using the same specimen. I was completely humiliated, and I felt as if no one believed me that I was innocent. I even had a women tell me when I was requesting the paperwork to challenge the test " You know they are going to use the same urine sample, right?" I said, "yes, that is what I want them to do! The test results are wrong!" It took 5 days to get the results back, and those 5 days where horrible, but thank God the results came back negative and I was exonerated. What you need to do is verify that the lab performed a gs/ms test, and if that comes back positive for meth, have them do a test that will allow them to see the ratio of d-methamphetamine and l-methamphetamine isomers. If the d-methamphetamine is less that 20% of the total of the 2, then it is a false positive. ONLY street methamphetamine and one other medication called desoxyn can cause a true positive meth test result with the amount of d-meth over 20%. You can prove your innocence through these more advanced tests. If you have problems with the current lab, have your specimen sent to another lab that can perform those types of tests. Before my second results came back from the lab, I was literally going mad I was so stressed out. This could have cost me my job and caused my family many problems, as I have two small children and a husband who is in the military with a top secret security clearance. I spent the 5 days it took for the second test's results to come back researching the testing processes, the chemical makeup of methamphetamine and amphetamine, false positive drug results, as well as reading story after story about this happening to other people. It is terribly sad that so many others have lost their job, children, and freedom because of these inaccurate drug tests. Something needs to be done about this.

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Been there learned the hard way Says:

Beware in Minnesota where you can get a DUI for ANY amount of any controlled substance and having a prescription does not matter at alll

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Help Says:

I am on short term disability. On the 16th of Oct, I was prescribed Adderall. After 2 days of taking the drug, I learned from someone that it could test positive for Meth. I have Never Done Meth, hell I don't even know what it is and I stopped the Adderall after hearing the news. When I return to work in 2 weeks, I will have a hair test that goes back 90 days. People in the past have failed drug test when they knew they the test were inaccurate and wound up having a second at the hospital to prove the co. wrong. The co. stood by their own lab against hospital results. Am I screwed?

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kimberly Says:

I take D-amphetamine Salt Combo 30mg 4 times a day and have for about 2 years.
I passed a urinalysis/ I took a 9 panel hair follicle test and I also used meth a little over 3 months ago will it show on a the hair follicle test. I am clean and never felt better.

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Amber Says:

I just had this same thing happen... I have been prescribed Adderrall 30 mg 3 times a day for several years now. I just recently took a drug test, followed by a letter stating my drug test results were positive for Methamphetamine! I and am completely shocked and
outraged! I had even taken my bottle of adderrall with me and showed it to them prior to taking the drug test. I read on here somebody said that Sandoz/Eon Mfg Adderrall will cause the positive Methanphetamine result, and it turns out that is the exact brand I take. I called them trying to get some sort of clarification/ confirmation, but they claim to be unaware of such... I had spoken to several ramdom pharmacists in the phone book and every single one of them said the Adderrall would have caused a false positive for Methamphetamine however. I am at a complete loss, and don't know what to do. The test results came in a letter from my doctors office, and also said they would no longer be treating me, and that this will go into my permanent records for all physicians to see. I have attempted to call the doctors office multiple times leaving voicemails, and right after I received the letter with the results I sat down and wrote a 3 page letter to my doctor stating I would do anything that is necessary to prove this is incorrect.... Have yet to hear a word back though. I had an appointment scheduled with him for tomorrow, for refills on my medications and I tempted to show up anyway, since nobody seems to be willing to talk with me thus far about this nitemare! I feel so, so sorry for everyone on here that has been in this situation ESPECIALLY hearing about everything that was at stake (custody of children, careers,
freedom)! Nobody likes being accused of something they DID NOT do, and I am just hoping someone can offer some advice on what I need to do next! Thanks for reading...

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curious08 Says:

My level came back at 96% I take 2 adderal ex 20 generic amphetamine salts a day. Never once touched meth and now I'm labeled an addict..... I think this is all bulls*** and adderal should be taken off the shelf if they can't get it eight for those of us who have NEVER EVEN TRIED METH, STILL WEIGH 200LBS AND HAVE A GOOD COMPLEXION...... NO SORES OR TWEEKER MARKS.... SORRY BUT I AM HIGHLY PISSED AT ALL THIS. LABCCORP HAS A WEBSITE TELLING U THAY ADDERAL IS MADE STRICTLY OF D ISOMERS...... AND THEY ARE A LAB!!!! SO WHO IS DOING THE LYING, THE DR OR THE LAB

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Lawyer B Says:

Courtney, where did you find this information. I need to see the sources. Working on a case where a mother takes Adderall and has taken several different types of drug tests within minutes of each other. Some say she fails for amphetamines and methamphetamines. Some say she fails only for amphetamines. Some gc/ms tests show negative, but a hair follicles gcms showed positive. I need original sources that document what you are saying.

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AynomousWe do not forgiveWe do not forgetExpect us Says:

Well said my very well informed brother. I wish I could find a psy doc like you. 99% are purely pill pushers oblivious to the contribution they are making to rockafellers ultimate goal for the NWA (new world order for all of you who are unaware of our communist governments plans) we need more soldiers like you bother!

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Ginger in Oregon Says:

I take 40 mg of Amphetamine salts daily. My Doctor took a urine test 8/13/2014 and said I failed it and that there was NO amphetamine salts in my system and wanted to know what was going on! I was shocked, b/c I had taken it just that morning! I had my thyroid removed 6/5/2014 and during the time I was to go into the hospital they had me not take it 10 days prior to surgery and after for a week due to the possibility of bleeding complications. So for July I started my regular dosage up again....as I have been adjusting to no thyroid some times I don't wake up till noon and only take half b/c it was too late in the day...why would my urine test show none in my system??? I do not understand why this would happen? Since it is summer and very hot outside I am always thirsty I constantly pee every 15-20 minutes is this possible?

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Justine Says:

I do agree that, oftentimes, there are other motivations for pharmaceutical companies to push the production of a certain medication. Their life bread are those big sellers, such as Adderall, that ended up generating a lot of income. Really, a pharmaceutical company's goal is to create 3 or four of these drugs like this per year, so there is a lot of pressure for production of new medications. On the other side of that equation, the FDA can be very lenient about allowing for the testing, marketing, and distribution of such medications before they have proven themselves to be safe in their targeted population for several consecutive years. As far as Rockefeller and hemp goes, I can't attest to any specific facts, here, but like I said before, I believe you are correct in your assertion that there are reasons why certain substances are legal, and some illegal, that fall outside of whether or not they are healthy or beneficial to the overall population. That being said, however, I would like to point out that driving intoxicated, or to the point where you are a danger to yourself and others, is illegal regardless of whatever substance put you in that state. There was a woman, in California I believe, a few years back, that was arrested and charged with a DUI for driving after taking Benadryl; a widely used OTC medication. So prescription or no prescription, illegal or legal is really irrelevant in terms of whether or not you actually guilty of driving under the influence. I'd also like to point out, here, that a medication is never prescribed with the intent of producing intoxication. It's actually considered, by most prescribing practicioners, to be an overdose, or unwanted side effect. Medications are not good or bad. In fact, they're inanimate objects that are consumed or prescribed by people who have more of a tendency to be good or bad. There are medications that are people regard as "bad" that have a lot of therapeutic value when prescribed and administered correctly. Opiates, for example, can be effective at controlling intractable pain. I don't think many people realize that your brain chemistry is different when you are experiencing pain, and opiates are less likely to become addictive while you are in that state. Same thing goes for amphetamines. They have become the gold standard for dopamine deficient disorders, such as ADD, because of their unique ability to cross the blood brain barrier. If taken correctly, they can control symptoms and not render you intoxicated. Actually, the prescription dosage is exponentially lower than what you could purchase on the street. If you take your medications as prescribed, no matter what they might be, and you take them exactly for whatever it is they are being prescribed for, then you are certainly not an addict. I think the words "addiction" or "dependency" should be used to describe circumstances that fall outside of that situation. Is a diabetic "dependent" on insulin? Is a person who suffers from hypertension "addicted" to their blood pressure meds? Just because these ailments are physical in nature and can result in death if left untreated doesn't mean that they are the only conditions deserving of treatment and that the medications prescribed to prevent mortality are the only ones of viable use. Most medications are, in fact, prescribed to enhance a certain quality of life. I think regarding medications as substances solely to produce euphoria or prevent death is oversimplifying the matter

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erica Says:

Amphetamine is scientifically known as methylated phenylethylamine. Methamphetamine is double methylated phenylethylamine. The double process is the primary difference between amphetamine and methamphetamine in a laboratory or scientific instance. Otherwise, the two chemicals or drugs are almost identical in nature causing the same side effects, same dangers and same potential for overdose as well as the same risk of physical dependence and addiction.

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ricky Says:

Can noratin cause meth false testing

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Nevada Pete Says:

Witch Hunt, USA.

Whenever there is a witch hunt, witches will be found. That's what a witch hunt is.

Failure to vigorously participate in a witch hunt is the surest way to get oneself designated as a witch. It may be good to be the king, but it's no good to be a witch. Not in the US, anyway. The US has an illustrious history of witch hunting, a superstitious practice people would like to believe no longer occurs. Not so. One way the practice continues is presently called the War On Drugs, complete with a "needle test" to determine if someone may be a witch. So it shouldn't be a surprise that the "needle test" turns up witches. What good would a "needle test" be to a witch hunter, if it didn't? This is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course the "needle test" is crooked! They always have been.

Beginning from when Harry Anslinger ran the (now defunct) Federal Bureau Of Narcotics and continuing with the Drug Enforcement Agency's War on Drugs, said War on Drugs has been a war on people with narcolepsy and certain other neurological disorders such as ADD/ADHD. Originally, Anslinger asserted (or else!) that narcolepsy didn't exist, and instead was merely an excuse for addicts to procure amphetamine from medical doctors. Anslinger attempted to prosecute M.D.'s whenever he could for the crime of treating narcoleptics (aiding and abetting a witch). The stigma continues to this day, now including people with ADD/ADHD.

The above examples of unfair treatment illuminate a situation where certain medical doctors believe they will be okay, i.e., that they will escape suspicion or the attention of the witch police. That is, if said medical doctors demonstrate how well they are on the lookout. For witches. And find a witch they will, which is supposed to prove that said doctors are good people, on the right side, etc., i.e., with the hope they themselves will not be harmed. It's not unlike throwing a virgin into the volcano with the hope it will forestall the volcano from erupting.

Fear does that to people. And the physician has indeed much to fear from the witch police. Thus, patients, and in other cases employees, etc., are sacrificed on the slightest pretext, and there is little incentive to question things.

Who will come to the aid of the witch?

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