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Attu Says:

I am having hereditary chronic asthma. I am 40 and otherwise physically very fit. I attend gym and go on walks, keeping a very good lifestyle, am intelligent and enjoy good conversation, am a hotelier (director of two hotels, manage one of them), unmarried and not interested in marriage. I am on inhalers which have side effects on throat. I would like to know if my malady can be cured or at least alleviated up to 80 percent?

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Janetlee Says:


I do not know to what extent your asthma can be alleviated. I can only tell you about two things I know of from experience in regards to my Mom who has COPD/Emphysema. She is nearly 68 and is an ex-smoker, but quit smoking way back in 1982. She started showing problems with her breathing, as in being short-winded and coughing, somewhere around 5 years ago. My Mom does NOT like doctors or the medical establishment and so I could not get her to go to the doctor. So I did a lot of research online.

I found out about what is called a salt pipe. It is a ceramic container with a built-in pipe that holds salt in it. Hers has pure pink Himalayan sea salt in it. She inhales from the pipe and exhales through her nose everyday for 30 minutes. Salt is a GREAT purifier and fights infections in the lungs. The salt pipe is wonderful for anyone with asthma or any kind of breathing difficulties! the other things I have recently learned about is MSM. It has been the best of all! Since she's been taking it, she's been so very much better! (I will note that MSM is sulfur-based, for any with sulfur allergies.)

Please do NOT take my word for any of this. Google it! What have you got to lose but a little time? Remember, just because something seems too simple to be of any benefit doesn't mean it is! If I were not sincere in my belief that this could be of benefit to you, I would not have taken my time to encourage you to give it a read! A good place for finding many home remedies too is at "earth clinic". I can't say the actual address, but you can figure it out! I wish you the best!

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robin Says:

I just found out a friend has emphysema, have ordered her a salt pipe. I use one at any signs of a cold or congestion, keep himalayan, dead sea, and celtic sea salts on hand for misc uses.

Now, this may sound weird, but it occurred to me to fill my cpap humidifier with himalayan and dead sea salts instead of water, to try to simulate breathing in a salt cave while sleeping. Tried it last night, no problems that I could perceive, a lot of mucous coming up this morning, although I don't have a cold or allergies, and no sinus issues. I'm sitting with the cpap going right now, breathing in what should be salty air as I write this. Since the salt is being heated, it may be putting off negative ions. That would be a plus, but I rather doubt that it is happening.

The humidifier has a metal plate at the bottom that I suspect may get pitted by the salt that heats up. This would be a problematic result. Also, people don't breathe back into a salt pipe, which of course is not the case with a cpap, so moisture will be breathed back onto the salt. I will have to give it a few days and see what happens. I have no lung issues, so my lungs handling this might not be representative of how diseased lungs would react.

I am using very course salt which, although it is being heated by the machine, plus the cpap air is blowing at a very close proximity across it, is heavy enough that it is not being carried up by the airflow, so no chunks of salt are flowing up the cpap hose into my nose. I will shake the salt in the humidifier compartment daily to keep it loose and separated, and will check to see its effect on the metal disc that is heatiing up. I will probably change the salt out in a week's time, pour it into the bathtub to soak in and put fresh salt in the cpap humidifier.

My lungs are healthy, so I have more room to experiment with effects.

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Mary Says:

Re: Janetlee (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, I really enjoyed your post. Hope your mom is doing well. How did your mom know that she has emphysema - what were her signs? I'm having a lot of problems. Really short of breath, yawning a lot, and coughing. I'm scared to death. If anyone has any suggestions as to what is going on, please tell me. Thank you.

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