Doctor In Phoenix That Prescribes Alprazolam

Love Says:

Looking for a doctor in Phoenix that prescribes Alprazolam / Xanax I've been on the medication for quite a few years for my panic attacks and anxiety my doctor prescribes me 2 milligrams twice a day and Celexa I'm new to this town and I don't know how I can find a doctor to prescribe me my medications any referrals would help!

Thank you and God bless!

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jimreasoner1 Says:

I have been prescribed alprazolam for at least ten years and my PCP can no longer write the script. I then went to Southwest Behavioral health where the providers continued my prescription. Since then my ACCHS has lapsed and when I tried to renew my coverage it was declined. SWBH closed my case due to lack of medical coverage and told me that I could go through the intake process but it would cost me a significant out of pocket service. I went to the mental health location down on 7th ave and all they could prescribe was my sertraline and lamictal which even after the discount I still could not afford. My anxiety is so out of control that I have had to self medicate with alcohol and I HATE it. I don't want to turn to the streets for obvious safety reasons!!!!! I cannot comprehend why I have to suffer because of a prescribed medicine that I am addicted to is impossible to obtain. I do not abuse this medication in any way shape or form!!!!! I need advice and even more than that....I physically need the medication. Thank You.

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M Says:

Were you able to find a doctor in Phoenix, my psychiatrist won’t go over 0.5 mg at all.

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Spitfire132 Says:

I take 2 mg bar of Xanax 3 times daily and the drs where I go are extremely good and the place is called 2nd chance treatment center which also for addiction with opiates. So if there is anyone that has any addiction history or present they can also prescribe bupropion Aka wellbutrin and buprenorphine, and they also do injections that last a week or so, but not sure about that bc i don’t do the injections. They have 3 different locations that I know of, which one is on 40th st just south of bell, addy is 16620 no 40th at Phoenix Az suite E-1 - phone number 602-464-9576. Which can is the one I go to the other one if on McDowell somewhere and the last one I know of is in chandler

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M Says:

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So you’re saying you were able to go in on your first appointment and they prescribed you 2 mg Xanax 3 times a day? Did you have to show any past medical history or documents? And the name of this office is 2nd Chance?

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M Says:

Re: jimreasoner1 (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hey there, I am seeing if you were ever able to find a dr who would prescribe Xanax?

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