Doctors In Bend Oregon That Prescribe Benzos

Nicola Says:

I need to find a doctor that doesn't have a problem prescribing Xanax. I'd also like to find a doctor who prescribes pain meds without the run around. Please Help!!

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Verwon Says:

Unfortunately, doctors don't have a choice but to be very careful and strict about prescribing such medications. There are regulations in place to enforce this, they have to have valid reasons for prescribing and that can include having to give you the run around, such as having to see other doctors and have tests done.

If they don't, they run the risk of losing their license to practice medicine.

Since Xanax and narcotic pain medications can also be habit forming and very dangerous if used improperly, there are other factors that doctors have to be cautious about.

Learn more Xanax details here.

What type of doctor are you currently seeing?

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emmy7 Says:

Need a psych/dr who will prescribe klonopin or xanax for panic/anxiety. In vancouver wa or portland oregon Have state insurance .?.

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