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rachel Says:

My pain management doc got investigated and now hes closed his practice down. I was getting 30mg oxycodone 5 times a day and morphine 15mg 2 times a day. Does anybody know a doctor in huntsville alabama that will keep me on my meds, need answer ASAP!

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Amybabe555 Says:

Re: Christian777 (# 59) Expand Referenced Message

I went to Guliti too and I hv major issues but just got little bit pain pills and Xanax ( only cause I hv a long history of being on em ,from my abuse!! But I think he’s shut down! And it’s 2020 I noticed these r 2013

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Amybabe555 Says:

Re: justin (# 62) Expand Referenced Message

Justin, thx for the info! But are ya saying he only gives (4 Norcos), (4 Barr’s???) Most Drs give a Month Supply! And the visit prb cost more than the meds!! I’m close to Athens, can ya write back please! Thx :)

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Amybabe555 Says:

Re: chronic pain patient (# 67) Expand Referenced Message

I totally agree with you on everything especially the last part!! Heck, the Government is already started controlling us!! I bet all their family members get pain meds easily! Go on YouTube (Struggle Jennings & Katelyn Curtis) vid - (God We Need You Now!!) give u chills ! Talking bout how the government have us like puppets on a string!! Anyway he has sum more too! Check out if u hv time! Hit me back too if ya want !! :)

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Sandy Says:

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I’ve had RA for 31 years & it got so bad I had to retire! I had a wonderful RA and Fibromyalgia Dr, since I’ve had that too 2012.. Dr was giving me 4 hydros 10 mg a day and joint injections. Does anyone know a Rheumatologist that will keep me on the Hydros 10 mg 4 times a day and do my joint injectables in Huntsville AL

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