Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication Portland Oregon (Top voted first)

Sandy Says:

suffering from cronic headaches and neck pain due to a variety of events

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Sandy Green Says:

looking for a new dr. who will be willing to give me the same meds as I was taking before I moved here, they are narcotics that I take on a regualar basis for headaches and neck pain, hydro codone 10 to be exact, where I came from it is tough to find a dr. who will help you, how will I start over in Portland to find a helpful Dr.?

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Crystal Says:

I have not been lucky to find pain management who will keep me at my current meds so if anyond has amy advice I would greatly appreciate it thank u.

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Crystal Says:

I have to find new doc in thirty days before my script runs out. Doctor no longer accepts my insursnce. I live in salem Oregon. I have fibromyalgia and sponge kidney disease so I really need these meds I have severe pain.

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Crystal Says:

Try doc hursey 503 399 7474
Or doc. Jones 503 982 2174
Good luck

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mtngirl62 Says:

I am looking for a doctor in the Portland, OR area that will first off listen then help me strive towards a rewarding, comfortable life. I am 51 and was in a car wreck 9 years ago. 21 surgeries later and conrtacted through a local pain management clinic I am finding that the doctor has quite listening. I am also going through testing at OHSU for other medical issues that I am experiencing. I understand the problems that doctors are facing with all the abuse but for those of us in need with excellent medical documentation is there anyone out there that will not categorize me with drug abusers and help me with needed medication and care. I am currently doing physical therapy and aqua activity to gain strength and mobility. Now I just need to find a doctor that will listen and get on board. Is there anyone out there? Thanks for all input.

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Amber Says:

How does anyone get their pain medications in Oregon? I moved here recently. Been on Vicodin for years for back problems. Now doctor here says take some naproxen ! I asked for a referral to pain management clinic, he gave me name of clinic, but the reviews I've read don't sound promising and there is a long wait for appt. Don't even know if they prescribe my medication there. Does anyone know a good doctor? What is wrong with this state?

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f100ford Says:

I live in nebraska and cannot get the meds I need for my pain so I travel to LA cCali. area for a dr that treats out of state payients that are legit . It does cost with the flying motel car rental but Its worth the pain relief and a Dr that listens to me. Google DR. Forest Tennant Or Dr. Adam Hy and there is 2 more that formed a group to treat out of state people with intractable pain and do so with opiates and enough of the to actually help ease the pain. Some have you go every 2-3 months and send you home with scripts for the 3 months so you dont have to wait for them to mail them. thier good Drs. Ive been going out there for over 4and a half yrs. now. Hope this my help you.,

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Renee Says:

Don't u think most of us that are looking for pain management with opiates havent tried everything? We know what works and what doesn't

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suffering37 Says:

Good luck! Pain is a debilitating situation to live with and being severely ill on top makes it even worse. I recommend taking all your US 's to a new physician showing you've been compliant but honestly speaking, they don't give a s*** how much pain your feeling. Its a God complex ! Unless they experience severe pain and crying for relief, lol? They could care less! Pretty sure they make" pain " medication for P-A-I-N!? They also love to single patients out! If you have money and great insurance? You have no pain. If your on s***ty health insurance and no money? They don't care. You get what you pay for. If you work for providence or Kaiser etc? Your never in pain or suffering. I hate doctors and what they have done to me, how they have treated me, letting me rott in my bed and suffering to an extent that I wish I was dead! I think if an arrogant and uncaring doctor is prescribing pain meds to wealthy patient's , than ALL patients need to be treated with the same care, treatment, management and dignity! Period! Or, take ALL of their meds away and let them ALL suffer! Our healthcare is bulls*** and double standard! Its pretty sad to see so many people suffering when it can be avoided. Not all of us are fu***** drug addicts or pill seekers.The doctor should be smart enough to figure that out. Maybe when a patient takes their own life to avoid suffering, they will start to respect the patients who do suffer and only want to feel some " physical" RELIEF

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MissT Says:

I had to seek methadone management at a clinic,until I could finally find a doc willing to treat my pain.which had been being treated for 6 yrs in Washington until my move to Salem.It may not be for everyone,but it sure saved my life for the yr. I used that service!

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Samm Says:

You know, it's that "holier than thou" attitude which stands in the way of people in actual pain getting the medication (yes, *shudder* narcotics when necessary). You (and it seems from the post, Oregon), are so horrified of junkies getting lit that you would rather see people living in pain, confined to their homes, depressed and approaching suicidal (THIS is my life?), than actually treat them with what has worked. Many people specifically mention opiates because they have been successfully treated with same before. They used to be able to go out and participate in the world, have a measure of quality of life. And, if you've never been on opiates for long term treatment, here's some information for you: people who take opiates long term don't get off on them. There's no party going on. When pain isn't completely eliminated, it is decreased to the point where it can be compartmentalized. You can walk the dog, take the child to the park, clean the house. When you cry, it's because you saw a Lifetime movie or someone died, not because pain has kept you from sleeping for days & it hurts to be alive.

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Verwon Says:

I'd suggest looking for someone that specializes in pain management and making sure that they get a full copy of your medical records from your prior doctor.

In many cases, if you go in asking for a specific medication they will see it as drug seeking behavior, but they can see what works for you as documented by other physicians, they are more likely to prescribe accordingly.

Learn more Hydrocodone details here.

Does anyone else have any advice or suggestions to add?

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Rebecka Says:

I'm 80, and have been on vicodin for 7 years. 3 scripts of 30 were lasting me about 9 (nine) months. Most doses were 1/2 pill a day, as needed. In July of 2007 I had surgery for breast cancer. The vicodin was for radiation treatments and general pain. I wasn't even going to take them because an earlier prescription of which I took 1 (one) tablet. Left me awake for 3 days straight, but my son suggested I try a half of one. It worked.

In December of 2009, I had a heart attack. Took a half one again, 3 over 3 hours. Didn't work, so I called the ambulance. On the way to the Hospital they told me I was having a heart attack, and that they were going to give me morphine. I said, NO, and explained my problems with various drugs. (Story of my life). They kind of insisted, but said it would be just a little. Then a little more followed and I was out.

In the meantime, I was diagnosed with Afib. Tried drug after drug. The last one they tried brought back the asthma I had contracted from Statins, which I found was miracously cured of 2 days after STOPPING Statins. Afib was cured by going off the hydroclorothazide they had put me on months before.

Today I went to Katrine Bengaard who told me vicodin is too dangerous. I asked her what was so dangerous about 1 Vicodin a day. She said I could fall, and break my back or something. I laughed. Out loud. So she prescribed tramadol 50 mg. I guess she didn't notice it isn't recommended for the elderly, or for people with a breathing problem. I have COPD.

I'm hoping God doesn't make me stay on the nut house we call earth much longer. It is the worst during the night, when I can't sleep or even lay down.

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Paul Revere Says:

This unbelievable, people that are denied pain relief. We have human rights to that. The government has put doctors in fear. Treatment that I'm seeking is near impossible. My pain is easily managed with Norco. But the doctors want to have you take counseling, did that. Go to physical therapy, did that. Worthless. I am beginning to wonder if they want to make criminals of law abiding citizens. How are we supposed to get out meds? I told my doc that not everyone can come in every month to pick up their Rx. They are driving people to illicit drugs and street dealers. Is this on purpose? Do they want more suicides or arrests? It's totally wrong and immoral. We need a change in government. Do you get me?

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PleasantCreek Says:

By law they can't say..."yeah we will give you pain meds", at least on the phone, the DEA has under cover agents trying this all the time to make sure the pain doctors are living or doing everything by the books. So unfortunately, your not going to find out unless you make an appointment and physically go in. Good luck.

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MissT Says:

Yes, there are seekers, and abuser's. But there are doctors that will not prescribe scheduled substances to a patient that may need them. Or have already been on them, but just don't want the hassle of prescribing. Like for instance my situation, I had been on on them for about 6 years, when I moved from Washington, to Oregon. And I had all my records sent to new doc. My health plan refered me to him, "said he was internal medicine, and prescribed such meds. But when I had my appointment that wasn't the case. So I was put on Tramadol, which did nothing at all for my pain. I have rheumatism, blood clotting factor v Leiden. Scoliosis, degenerate C spine. I ended up going to a methadone clinic for a year. All that and then my doc had a change of heart all the sudden because my liver enzymes went way up, and I gained 40lbs. Got leg clot and started using injected blood thinners. So it seems I went through all of that,and it should have never took that much to be treated with my original meds that works very well for me. I have seen patients that were turned away that got desperate then became seekers. Many that were in the same situations. I try not to label people, you haven't walked a mile in their shoes.

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puglover Says:

2400mg or more of Ibuprofen daily is worse for your health than just about any narcotic designed for moderate to severe pain if taken as prescribed. Does your Dr. know or does he just not care.

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Gman Says:

what would the police report do? what would you report? I cant get a PCP in portland area that will prescribe what I have been taking for years.(NORCO). They should be locking these doctors up for charging people for aggravating their condition. what a bunch of quacks!

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JAL Says:

so true!!
Dea is forcing even dying cancer patience into the drug underworld for relief!
boy this one is a huge fail!!!!!

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JAL Says:

it's not just the Doctors behind this change in treating chronic pain.

it's the new DEA clamp down for the past 2 or more years.

it's not just's Federal.
Real Chronic Pain Patients Need to Fight Back and Speak Up!

it's affecting all pain patients including dying patients with cancer.

the doctors must comply or face losing their practice and they can't really tell you that.

educate yourself on the government website under DEA scheduled drug control and compliance.

if millions of chronic pain patients are taken off the opiates they've originally been prescribed by their doctors, what does the DEA think is going to happen?

they think they're controlling the illegal drug trade and God forbid keeping you from being addicted (like cigarettes??)...

imho they are creating a whole new problem of most likely forcing these patients into the illegal and underground drug trade.

it's inhumane, it's cruel, it's just plain ignorant.

there are no doctors who will prescribe scheduled drugs because of the government compliance laws.

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