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Dino Says:

I live in Chicago, Illinois and I have been on Oxycodone 30mg for 3 years. My doctor retired and I haven't been able to find a doctor since to prescribe them. Can you help me and give me a doctors name that will prescribe this medication in the Chicagoland area...

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Jeanie Says:

If you're located in the Chicago area, I would check out the Northshore/Skokie Pain Clinic. They are a part of Northsore Hospital off Gross Point (by Old Orchard Mall) in a Skokie. Dr. Blum should be able to help. Their phone # is (847) 933-6974. Best of luck!

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Adam Says:

I live in Des Plaines and am looking for a doctor to prescribe Percocet. I have been on it for about 4 years and need to find another docotor. Can someone help me please

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Catherine Says:

Hi Ann. I saw your post and thought I would try reaching out to you. My Beloved husband recently passed away after a 3 1/2 year cancer battle. I have nothing left here in the Carolinas. I am relocating back to IL. Where my only sister lives in the Suburbs. I have been going to pain mgmnt. For 5 years now and I haven't a clue of any Doctor to make an appointment with. It also takes some time so I wanted to go ahead and schedule before my arrival on December 3rd. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you & May God Bless you and yours.

{edited for privacy}

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MatthewF Says:

hey wat was dr.madison prescribing you?

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MatthewF Says:

hey this number is working, is there another number I could reach

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Scott Says:

Anne how do I contact you about your post? Much help needed

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Tina Miller Says:

Need help finding a pain management doctor in the chicagoland suburbs the prescribe oxi 15s and 10/325

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Chris Says:

Any luck on finding them or any place?

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Dave Says:

Can you recommend a dr. Or help? I have serious back pain from a fall last year

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Dave Says:

Can you recommend a dr. Or help? I have serious back pain from a fall and have an important meeting I need to get through

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Nikita27 Says:

Can u please provide the number ? Thank you. I'm suffering from after accident pain in my lower back and my doc retired and can't find anyone who would prescribe me .

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Maria Says:

Who is your current doctor ?..

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Anitam Says:

I believe it. There are so many nasty people in the world including doctors!!

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Anitam Says:

Cannot find the doctor you listed. I found a dr valerie Flacco in galesburg illinois. But no one with that name in Arlington Heights

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Anitam Says:

I'm moving back to Illinois early this next year. I have multiple sclerosis , trigeminal neuralgia and other medical issues. I will need to find a doctor also to manage all my medication not just the pain medication

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Ricky Says:

Needing a pain doctor as my Doctor has retired. Would be great around Midway airport. Archer Ave. Will take what I can get. i have had a doctor for five years. I take as prescribed and no more or less, just don't want to have to go cold turkey.

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Scarlet Says:

Ha no go for 20 I know because I know some one who does that

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Scarlet Says:

I had same issue omg we should sue his ass this is not right or fair

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Cass1234 Says:

Can u help me? Disabled vet had 8 back surgeries and I'm only 30 no one wants fo continue my high dose anymore I'm too young they say

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Sue Says:

Hello. l live in mount prospect too. l'm looking for a doctor to prescribed me any opioids for pain! My pain is really bad. Please post back if you know of any doctor. I appreciate it.

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