Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication In Louisiana

Marie Says:

I need to find a Dr. To write a Rx. For hydrocodin for chronic back pain, where can I find one in Southern Louisiana?

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Verwon Says:

Well, first of all, there is no listing to refer to that tells you what doctors in any given location will prescribe any given medication.

And the next issues is that you really aren't going to be able to see a new doctor and ask for a specific medication, because they are taught to see that as drug seeking behavior.

Learn more Vicodin details here.

Your best bet, if you need long-term pain management, is to see a pain management specialist and set up an appointment to get in the door, without asking is they will prescribe anything. Then make sure that they get a full copy of your medical records, so the documented medical problems and notes from your prior doctors can speak for themselves.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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ninthwardrapper Says:

Dr. Troy A. Beaucoudray, MD 504-885-3737v in metairie, la

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Rlane77 Says:

I was wondering about the Dr. you referred, could you tell me how much the office visits are, how often follow ups are, do they check your system for any drugs, etc ? I'm in severe chronic pain, and in 1yrs time have almost lost the ability to walk and can no longer drive or pretty much anything. But I had to go on disability so my funds are severely limited as well as making a 2 hour trip, but if he's a guarantee I'd find a way. So as to not have to live confined to a bed at 36yrs. old, and be able to see my daughters finish growing up vs. not being able to go anywhere but all of these specialist who "cannot" Rx pain meds.

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Heart77 Says:

Hey ninthwardrapper. Was just wondering if you need ins to see this Dr and is he accepting new patients? Any info is helpful. Just looking for a good Dr that can help me with my injuries. Thx

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ninthwardrapper Says:

as far as I know he takes cash medicaid and is taking new peeps just call and ask 504-885-3737. good luck he does not check for marijuana. worth a try. he is a neuroligist can write anything blessed be. you go every 3 months. he takes medicaid. not sure about cost. yes he is the only legit dr of his ilk. God bless

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Rlane77 Says:

OMG ! Thank you so so much I'll be calling first thing in the morning. I am going to be on pins and needles in the meantime hoping I will finally get the help I've been searching for and so desperately need. Do you know if he will write my ADHD and anxiety meds as well ? I lost my doctor for those 2 months ago. And ? for my neighbor he has 3 slipped disc and compressed vertebrae. He want to know since there's no testing for cannabis, is there a mandatory test at all? B/c he does take Percocet a few times a week. And again THANK YOU SO SO MUCH

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cowboy Says:

i need pain management dr in shrevport la.area that will write pain meds ive had back surgery in constant pain and takes cash i have no insurance.cowboy

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ninthwardrapper Says:

medicaid all insurance. Dr. Troy A. Beaucoudray gives you UA's for street drugs not cannabis. he is nice guy. he will help you the day you go i asked him why he took medicade his responce was i think poor people should not have to be in pain

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Tiny Says:

Where is he at

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ninthwardrapper Says:

In metairie LA. give them a call 885-3737. He is not bad on the eyes you will leave w/something all ins including medicare/medicaid does not test for cannabis. he conciders it medical neurologist have carte' blanc to write anything you wish and Gods speed

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ninthwardrapper Says:

hello he will give you ativan and he screens for illegal drugs not to worry dear.

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ninthwardrapper Says:

Yes he will help you I use medicaid so no do know cash but call them and ask nothing to lose.

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ninthwardrapper Says:

as far as I know he test for harsh street drugs drink as much cranberry juice if concerned do not be worried or water and you can always say I drink poppy tea it is legal!!!! Do not worry he is good his staff well u will here the f word a few times lol not @ you.

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ninthwardrapper Says:

i left a message to find out all your questions so i can find it takes 24 hrs or i may get back to you asap. call again. i feel for you. all i want is to help you. i get my jollies from helping other people.

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Melody Says:

Do I need all of my medical records for the past 5 years to see dr troy? Thank you

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maddie Says:

Hey I just read your response bout Dr.Beaucodray, I got off suboxone bout 2 months ago and now I'm just wanting to go back on pain meds, for a frozen right shoulder w/ a partial shoulder replacement that went wrong, and it seems w/ these new laws so far 2 pain meds Doc's wouldn't put me back on them,, to them I'm a risk but I'm just trying to find a little relief, and on top of everything I have a 9 yr. Old daughter w/ CP. Just wondering if u think this Doc. would be willing to look at this from that pt. of view?

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Skyblu Says:

How did yo get off suboxone? I've been on since 2008 and it's harder than methadone for me...Thanks

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reeree Says:

i am looking for a dr in the gulf coast area of Mississippi to prescribe suboxone who will take private insurance.....please help

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monkeyiseenoevil9 Says:

Wanted dc.for back and neck pain muscle wth stenosis.Near to Houma la.Long term chronic.l4l5s1back Hyperflexia neck stenosis spinal anxiety.

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monkeyiseenoevil9 Says:

Wanted dc.for back and neck pain muscle wth stenosis.Near to Houma la.Long term chronic.l4l5s1back Hyperflexia neck stenosis spinal anxiety. And how long does it take norco 10 metabolite in urine at4×day for ten days.U a r blood in 4 full days.+ 6 hrs.left?

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KK Says:

Is it legal to get a prescription online?

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Cj Says:

Re: Cj (# 258) Expand Referenced Message

No I don't know but I am going to see him and want to know also

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Cj Says:

Any body knows what doctor fair Banks writes opiates and what kind

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Lori Says:

Need help in finding neurologist who also specializes in Pain Management/Medicine field in Houston and willing to travel as far as Dallas area. My physician of 10 years passed away, next doctor was a neurologist and retired and now my neurologist I have been seeing the past year will not be practicing pain management like so many other doctors due to new Government regulations.

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Stephanie Says:

Re: ninthwardrapper (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I called the doctor and the receptionist said that I need to find a pain management doctor. I tore every tendon and ligament in January. Had surgery February 23rd; it’s called a Lis Franc injury. My orthopedic said this could take a year to fully heal. I don’t want to take pain pills my whole life. If ya know of any doctors that will call out my pain medication please let me know!

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BL Says:

Re: She she (# 253) Expand Referenced Message

A previous doctor prescribing opiates to a patient does not mean a new doctor will. Each doctor has their own way of prescribing. It is highly doubtful you will find a doctor that will prescribe opiates to a new patient on their first visit.

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Anne Says:

Where in southern Louisiana are you? I know of doctors on the northshore that may help.

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She she Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have been under pain management for years in Florida. I have legit prescriptions and medical records to prove my severe injuries. An airbag blew at a red light and broke my neck and cause nerve brain severe spinal cord injury and partial paralysis. I am legit can you figure me some help?

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BL Says:

Re: Anne (# 250) Expand Referenced Message

I know no one is guaranteed opiates for their pain. But, there are a lot of people that mistakenly believe that.

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timalan63 Says:

Re: J D Moriarty (# 245) Expand Referenced Message

you are exactly right. J D! :-)
Dardar jumped on me when i didn't mean that towards him or anybody else that needs Pain Meds. i am sorry what he is going thru and i hope they keep giving him the help he needs.

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