Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Meds On Long Island

Slaffty Says:

Looking for a Doctor that can write me a prescription for pain medication for my back in Nassau County .....oxycodone

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Verwon Says:

There are several pain management specialists listed in that area, however, there is no way of knowing if they will prescribe any given medication, such as Oxycodone.


Some that you may want to check into:

Pain Management Center of Long Island
77 North Centre Avenue # 202, Rockville Centre
(516) 764-7246

Lauren Stimler-Levy MD
125 North Central Avenue, Valley Stream
(516) 872-3100

Comprehensive Pain Management
2001 Marcus Ave # S20, New Hyde Park
(516) 358-4673

Does anyone else have any suggestions to make?

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Mirvia Says:

I just got a FEW leads 2 call in da morning in da surrounding area of Nassau County...i GREATLY APPRECIATE uuuu...hopefully this works out 4 me in da morning...WOW... 5 more hrs till da start of business so i can start making these calls...ttyl on on wat happened with da info given...THANX 4 da leads...

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katt Says:

Verwon,Do you know any doctors in suffolk that would write for methadone ,my doctor i was seeing is in trouble with the law ,so all his patients are all looking for a new doctor ,its not easy with all the laws now

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lb Says:

Looking for a doctor in Long Island that accepts fidelis - medicaid for suboxone treatment... Can anyone help? ...Thanks.

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Courier2001 Says:

Clinic lij system Floor1 865 Northern blvd Manhasett ny part of LIJ system ...but be clean no messing around. Dr police, they do use udt test and have history of using wrong test or not asking lab to look for your med to dump violation on people..even lung cancer patients like me get dumped after too long on a med..normally like false unsubstantiated things like sell, sharing bs like that even opinion.. fixing labs.

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Courier2001 Says:

Do not waste time at long island pain management in rockville center... insurance bilker meds just shots pins karma ..does not like ssi lovs ss and billing big for bs results... everyone i talked too there ..patients.. hate whole deal ..tell you oh you should feel better see you next month big co pay big bill to insurance for very little results. out of reach if you pay cash like 500 and more whole system is now controlled by dr police.. millions in extreme pain and growing change will come complain too dr hospital gov.

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Matt Says:

Hi I saw your reply. I am looking for pain doctor in Long Island as I just fractured my thoracic spine and rain out of the meds the hospital gave me. New York City or Long Island.

{edited for privacy}

Thanks in advance!

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scared on long island Says:

Just went to a pain mgmt place with my years of history for oxycodone, avinza and soma. Was almost in tears feeling like I was treated like a common street junkie. Told to go to rehab or another pain mgmt to go on suboxone or methadone and they only take cash. On disabiliy and can't afford. My previous Dr who took over for my real Dr wrote my rxs last month kicked me out to pain mgmt and treated me like crap. I just called them today and am waiting for return. I didn't have any knowledge about this becoming such an issue and have only a couple of days of meds. And am scared. These meds at least get me to function with daily activities that I have to do. Never abused. Does anyone know on long island or geez even queens or Manhattan? This is insane. I see why so many are using illegal drugs but that's not for me. Any quick replies are most appreciated.

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Billy S Says:

Did you have any luck with pain management prescriptions from any of the docs? Care to share any doctor names you may have had success with? I too am in Nassau county and I got a false reading for coke on my recent U/A and my pain doc of 12 years dropped me.

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Sally Says:

Hi, I'm still looking for a pain dr. If you find one please let me know.

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Jeremiah Says:

Wbat was the name of your doctor i would like to give him a try. Please give me name number and address. Thanks

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Fatgirl Says:

I have arthritis and degenerative discs for which I need meds, cause my doctor left the practice. I'm raising my grandchildren and need to function. I've been on these meds for 15 years. Any help finding a pain doctor on Long Island would be great.

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Lola1015 Says:

Re: Fatgirl (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I go to New York Spine and pain in Bay Shore. They also have a location in Babylon. I have a skin condition that causes me a lot of pain. My pcp started me on 10mg Oxycodone 4x/day and then after 4 months I stopped feeling the effects so much so we went up to 5 tabs and eventually 6. He always insisted during every appointment that I find a pain management doctor but I’ve searched and called every single office I found online. Every office insisted they only do physical therapy or spinal injections so one day I told my doctor that I can’t find anything!!!!! Stony Brook pain management is the only other place I found that does prescribe opiates but their waiting list is 3-9 months long depending on the time of year. So my doctors office called New York Spine and Pain in Bay Shore and made the appointment for me. See if a doctors office calls for you they will take you. I hate the secrecy and that hardship it is with these stupid doctors offices. One thing about their practice is that they are VERY strict. During my first appointment the doctor told me that the DEA monitors them very closely blah blah blah trying to threaten me to make sure I don’t screw up. If you are good with your meds and the timing then you’ll be good to go. Just make sure your doctors office calls them for you. No matter how much you yourself beg the receptionist they won’t take you. They sit there all day long, listen to everyone’s sad stories and turn them away. I’m telling you the pain management doctors are horrible. Good luck, I truly hope it works out for everyone!!!

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shay Says:

Hadi medical group in plainview hempstead and long beach..they also take medicaid managed care

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JBeans Says:

Re: shay (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Didnt they get in trouble? Are they still allowed to prescribe?

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Jasmine Says:

Re: Lola1015 (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Hey I have been on 10mg oxycodone for over 10 years 6 a day my Dr literally just told me im no longer prescribing them find pain management on top of cutting me off of xanax 2 mg 4 times a day I have a 2 days supply left do you no anyoyin Suffolk or the one you were going to who will give me my oxycodone ASAP please anything or recommendations would help.. Thank you

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Lola1015 Says:

Re: Jasmine (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Hey no I’m sorry I am off any opiates. But a friend of mine goes to Dr. Herrera in Central Islip off of Carleton Ave. for opiates. They also have a rehabilitation center there for people that need physical therapy. As for benzo’s any psychiatrist, or some PCP’s

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James Says:

Osteoporosis major pain long island many over 200 bones pm Dr cut me down 300 a day to 80 mg aday ms contin doing bad

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