Doctors In Michigan That Prescribe Methadone

Katydid Says:

I'm interested in finding a private doctor's office (not a clinic) that will prescribe methadone. I can't afford these clinics! Does anyone know of a doctor???

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Rachel Says:

I am a full time student and a single mother, I need assistance in finding a doctor who prescribes methadone because with my schedule and transportation I cannot go to the Methadone Clinic anymore.

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Pat Says:

Katy did What do you take methadone for? If you take it for opiate addiction, you won';t be able to find a doctor to prescribe it for you because a doctor can only write it for chronic pain. As for money, by the time you pay to see a doctor (Pain managment is a specialty) it will cost you more than going to the clinic. Most pain managment doctors charge $100.00+ each month plus the medication, and another problem is a doctor can close up shop, decide to cut you off, etc, but a clinic is always there. It depends what you need it for..Good luck in finding one, it should be easy, just look under pain managment doctors..

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akshun Says:

doctors can prescribe it for addiction. they have to say its for pain though. there are plenty of doctors that do this the problem is finding them, because they don't advertise for it. if they did the dea would be there quickly(happened to my last doc). you just have to ask around at the clinic. on the street. internet, til you get lucky. it more than worth it though. $100 a month plus script. methadone are very cheap ex.150 for $30, cheaper at diff pharmacies. so about $150-$200 depending on your dose compaired to $75 a week at the clinic plus gas. and not having to wake up every mornin and drive to go dose alone is worth it. oh and try suboxone doctors. most are pain docs too. if you go for pain/addiction explain situation and see what happens. addiction docs can be more understanding than you think.

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nancylou Says:

My fiance is struggling with RLS & extreme pain, has had it for 20+ yrs. He has had a prescription for Methodone for the last 7 years, tried everything else & that's what finally worked. He only takes a half of one at bedtime, never to get high. The doctor that has written the scrip has released him from his office, no more scrip. He wishes he could amputate his legs it hurts so bad, hasn't slept for days! Ethically, can a doctor just cancel a Methodone scrip just like that because of a personal problem? He is mentally & physically exhausted over this--can anyone help?

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amanda Says:

i am on the methadone clinic and have been for about three months ... my boyfriend is on suboxone and has been a little longer than me . i hate driving two hours one way everyday but love the clinic my boyfriend has really good insurance and hates the suboxone ... at first it was ok but now he can barley sleep on it and it makes him soo mean everything makes him mad . if anyone knows of a doctor in michigan like kalamazoo area or anywhare that would perscribe him methadone please let me know. please help us. thanks a lot

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Justo Says:

There is a doc in Battle creek that will give u methadones for addiction its dr.tataneni. He's on college street..

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Jessica0214 Says:

That happened to my last doctor too! They were helping me, then the DEA closed up the clinic in Alpena, MI. I have had the hardest time in MI finding a doctor that would do that again. Do you live in MI? If you so do you know of a doctor that could help? Thank you!

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Jessica0214 Says:

I tried to look that Doctor Tataneni, in Battle Creek, MI up. I couldnt find him. Do you have a phone number? Thank you so much! :)

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shannon Says:

ok every1 thats talking and telling pepole 2 go c dr.tataneni is very wrong i started going there a month ago i went in his office 6 times they keep telling me 2 come back after 3 or come back tomorrow i made an appt. with him and i never been seen and i told them what i was there 4 each time and they kept saying ok we'll take care of u guess what they dident just led me around in curles if u cant please just stay away from that place its nothing but a joke i do have a very good dr. that u could go 2 if ued like 2 in battle creek his name is dr. egilstine and his phone # is {269}969-6040 its a very great and serious office and they care about whatever it is ur going through and really want 2 help u plus its easy 2 b seen its the same price as every other doctor u'll go 2 if u have no insurince 4 the first visit is 195.00$ but u'll get a month of what u want wont have 2 go every day just once a month and thats 70.00$ each monthly visit and belive me its very worth it please dont listen 2 the pepole telling anyone 2 go 2 dr.T its not worth the hasle he wont give u what ur looking 4

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Antonieo Says:

i live in royal oak,Mi for the past ive been taking suboxone what a joke, so i decide to ask him for methadone for my treatment had it b4 worked just rite, like a good cup of Tea!
i don’t know who to turn to my doc said i have to take a ekgs x rays & more when on methadone my pain and the abuse of drugs is gone! he used to prescribe it but got rated 4 giving it out for abuse instead of pain.. i had a car accident about 6yrs went threw a hotel! My father & family see a difference in me big time just happy not moody like the grouch! So Please if any can tell me a doctor around here that would be great that would prescribe it for abuse i hope some1 that doesn’t judge just true...Oh! I never gone to a clinic but i would rather see a private doc! Can some one please help me find 1! And give me a phone number to one around here or oakland county that’s 100%.. Thanks

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Antonieo Says:

My doc sucks live in oakland county and this guy thinks he’s a God.. My Family tears are killing me. Some know a doc in oakland county MI..
The docs name is Pinson every time i ask him the word for that month is no....Why! so many of us want to go for the title like a boxer just a shot, they won’t faith is hard when dealing with a guy who was giving so much to his other patients, dame that part sucks!he looks dead in my eyes and its so easy reading, no..with his eyes saying!NO! I hope this doesn’t effect anything when giving this doctors name? It’s really sad reading these stories of having methadone it’s helping me... Dame i wish this was europe right over the counter it would be.... so simple i just pray that a doctor would say ok... because every1 deserves a chance in life,., Please any1 out there knows a doctor that’s cool enough to say here with out x-rays or what not, just want my life back... People all over Thank you for your ears and hearts i pray that a doctor or some1 would reach out... thanks for a chance who ever you are?\P&l God Bless All of U

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Lou Reed Says:

I also live in Royal Oak and see the aformentioned Dr. P. The majority of his patients are there for pain meds, and he is usually willing to give you what you want, although he does treat patients differently as far as dose levels; leaving some patients on higher doses that really have no pain and not cutting their dose, while other patients who have proof of chronic pain and take as prescribed are sometimes put on lower doses and are periodically lowered even more. I know of at least 3 people who get Methadone from him that have no chronic pain or x-rays/other tests to proove their need.
You may have approached him wrong if you were tuned down. For example did you tell him that you had been on Methadone before and that it works best for you. Unfortunatelly, honesty is not always the best policy when it comes to certain doctors. Methadone is a very strong and long acting narcotic that when taken by someone with little or no opiate tolerance can be fatal at doses as low as 40mg, if xanax is used with methadone it can be extremely fatal as it raises the blood levels of the methadone in your body.
I have been on methadone for 20 plus years and credit it for saving my life, so don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer in its theraputic uses. However, you must realize when making this decision that you may end up needing it for the rest of your life! I have seen VERY few people ever sucessfully detox off of methadone and manage to stay clean, for that matter though I have seen just as few addicts using street drugs quit and remain clean. Not that it doesn't happen, it's just a hell of disease that very little isreally kown about. For me I prefer to stay on methadone and lead a stable life free of all the consequences that come with an addiction to illicit drugs. If you havn't used opiates for too long and/or don't take massive amounts I would recommend that people try all the alternatives; suboxone (I know it's pricey), detox with therapy, 12 step programs. For those who really have chronic pain that's only going to get worse the right medicine can give you your life back.
Those who saw Dr. P. please reply and let me know how you asked him for the methadone, including any history with the drug.


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vette Says:

Ilive in Raleigh,NC. does anyone know of any doctors that will prescribe dilaudid easily? If so, please let me know.

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donnie Says:

i live in ann arbor i am looking for a dr.who writes methadone and that takes washtenaw abw insurance please help thank's donnie.

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nicole Says:

Hey, to the people in Oakland county, I have a doc in highland named doctor barber who is amazing!! And will prescribe methadones.. I live in waterford and it takes me 15 minutes to get there.. there is also a doctor in garden city who prescribes it named Dr. Alan silber.. hope this helps!! Good luck to u all!!! U can email me if u have any other questions, jnwatkins86@yahoo

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stacy Says:

i live in northern mi. and for reasons unknown to me, it is dam near impossible to be prescribed methadone. My injury occured 4 months ago when driving, a horse ranD INTO THE ROAD, AND JUMPED RIGHT THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD. I broke several bones, and the pain i suffer is unbearable. I was prescribed methadone for a very short time by the surgen whom tried to put me back together,now I see a "FAMILY DOC" who dosnt believe in opiates. I am desperatly searching for a doc. in Northern Mi. (Travers city to Alpena) and anyplace between. PLEASE HELP!!

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stacy Says:

Doctor T who practiced in Alpena lost his medical licence for prescribing controlled meds to anyone who paid him $75.00. He was raided by HUNT and will not be allowed to administer narcs ever again. He spent some time in jail, after which he moved back to Chicogo where he retired as anOB/GYN. Dont got me wrong, He was a very caring man who did not want his patients to feel pain that he could keep under control. Unfortunatly, you will have a near impossibility attaining your records from his office as they are now evidance. Good Luck.

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Triksey Says:

Need a doctor in SE Mich who will prescribe Roxi 30m. Also, hard time finding a doctor to take new patients.

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Triksey Says:

You may be better off just paying the office visit. I live in Belleville and looking for a doctor who takes new patients.

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JT Says:

Dr. P? Can you be more specific. Thank you very much.

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Melissa Says:

Re: Ashley (# 566) Expand Referenced Message

Which doctors in flint prescribe methadone,,? What are their names?

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Melissa Says:

Re: Rachel (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

What doctors near davison michigan prescribe methadone pills

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Melissa Says:

Re: Rachel (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I need a doctor close to davison michigan who will prescribe methadone pills to take. I had to quit the methadone clinic because of my ill husband and no car and couldn't afford the cost to go to flint.

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Lynn2023 Says:

Re: Whitneu (# 761) Expand Referenced Message

Yes they will still take him!

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Kim Says:

Re: Pam (# 44) Expand Referenced Message

Can you give me Dr name and location. My son needs to have toe amputated it has turned black no good veins anywhere. He is also terminal needs double lung transplant. Needs help but no drs here seem to want to help.

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Les Says:

Re: Ashley (# 566) Expand Referenced Message

Ashley girl!!! I can’t afford the damn clinics so I stopped going. I will drive to flint tomorrow to see the doctor. Can you please text me {edited for privacy} or reply with your doctor's information so I can call? I am on Xanax and the clinic won’t let me take it. I am in constant high anxiety stages all day and I can’t leave the f***ing house.

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Lee Says:

Re: amanda (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I've been on Suboxone for years and it doesn't make me mean. Maybe he has some issues you know. Lot of people I know are on Suboxone and it saved their life. I've never done any illicit drugs, I just got sick of taking painkillers.

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Ashb Says:

I'm in the UK. Every single supermarket and chemist supplies methadone. I didn't know it was so hard in the US.

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Laura Says:

Re: shannon (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I need someone in northern Michigan.

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Brandon Says:

Re: Ashley (# 566) Expand Referenced Message

I'm in the same exact situation. Please respond ASAP {edited for privacy}

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