Doctors In Northshore Mass Who Will Prescribe Xanax

Jojofromboston Says:

I am a 20 year old bipolar male with severe panic disorder and generalized anxiety top all that off with ADHD inattentitive type and it really sucks trying to stay feeling positive and maintaining a job and school on a day to day basis, I have a dr who prescribes me 1mg xanax 90 every month but my tolerance has built and he seems to refuse to go up and I really need that extra dose it seems that I need 2mg 3-4x daily if anyone has any information of a doctor that will prescribe something like that it would be highly appreciated every day is hell for me trying to take the right amount basically is just keeping me from withdrawal ; I never abuse the medication I use it as directed and am also prescribed a dose of Zoloft and ritalin for my adhd

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