Does Oxycodone Come In White And Yellow Capsules?

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Do 30 mg Oxycodone come in capsules that are white and yellow with no other markings?

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jo Says:

over the past several months i have had a hard time filling my rx for 30mg oxycodone.a local pharmacist told me that there is not a 30mg. capsule and another pharmacist said there is. so my question is is a 30mg oxycodone capsule or not

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sully508 Says:

40 y/o male recovering from spinal fusion surgery. looking buy some relief from the constant pain thats preventing me from doing anything. life is kinda sucking right now. if anyone can help.

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Roy Says:

To answer the original question, there is not way to know for sure - all medications in the United States are regulated by the FDA such that they are required to have unique letters/numbers imprinted in order to identify them. I would not advise taking an unknown medication, especially something as strong as oxycodone.

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Betsy Says:

check out pill identifiers on google and then you can look up the pill by the way it looks. But Ive never heard of a roxycodone capsule. But I could be wrong.

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Chastity Says:

I take 30 mg oxycodone and mine are usually blue and have A line in the middle than 215

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