Earlier Refill Than The Date Written On The Prescription

kippy Says:

My prescription for Adderall is written for 2/16/16 and I was hoping to get it 2/15/16. I don't know if it's by mistake, but the last 2 times I got my prescription at CVS, they refilled it for the day before (i.e., 1/15/16, not the 1/16/16 written on the prescription). Is this standard practice or was it just a mistake on the pharmacist's part?

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VerFree Says:

That's usually the pharmacy's discretion, many will fill it a day earlier than the date on the prescription, because one day is not generally a sign of medication abuse. However, some won't, and it may also depend on how many days there are in the month that has passed.

Have you asked your pharmacy about it?

The FDA warns that Adderall carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, insomnia, and anorexia.

Ref: Medline Plus Adderall

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Kf3355705 Says:

I know this post is old but gonna comment regardless. I am prescribed both Adderall & Vyvanse and my pharmacy fills my meds 3 days before the date written on bottle without even asking. I bring in 3 months worth of prescriptions every 3 months and they take care of the rest. Therefore, one day early is absolutely possible. If your pharmacy tells you no on one day before the date on script bottle, then they are doing it simply because they can and you should find yourself a new pharmacy.

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itsmehere Says:

My general experience is that pharmacies are willing to fill it two days early but this depends by state. For example, New York has this thing where you can’t fill by more than 7 days early in a year.

My pharmacist friend won’t fill before 30 days for any controlled RX because their logic is that if you filled 1 day early last month, you should have 1 pill left to tide you over, for example. I personally haven’t run into this.

Mine are sent over automatically now. I had a problem with the last generic (Aurobindo Northstar aka trash) and wanted to quit taking it. My doctor sent the RX to the pharmacy and I got a notification that they filled it - 6 days early! Pharmacist mistake? Maybe the doctor put a note that I was discontinuing the old generic and switching over to Lannett which is carried by this pharmacy? No clue, but this has never happened before and I’m sure won’t again. I would bet on 2 days.

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