Farmapram 2mg From Mexico

Cat Says:

Farmapram 2mg, filled a prescription at ABC Pharmacy in Nuevo Progreso. Can anyone provide information on them please? Are these the same as domestic US medications?

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David Says:

From what I could gather, Farmapram 2mg is allegedly a form of Alprazolam 2mg from Mexico.

I don't know if your pill has any markings, but another Farmapram 1mg tablet I came across with IFA imprinted on one side and scored on the other, was manufactured by Investigación Farmacéutica, Mexico.

Unfortunately I haven't heard of this company before so I'm unable to offer a personal opinion on their legitimacy. However if there are no markings I would definitely be skeptical.

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Cat Says:

Link below what bottle looks like....

farmapram 2mg packaging image

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EDDY Says:

Are they Legit or safe, probably. Are they legitimate to have or possess outside of Mexico, well no

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Cat Says:

Thank you! I recently relocated, and they are extremely hard to get. Even with 20+ years of medical records. So Got 3 bottles to last a year. Plan on breaking them into quarters. Thank you for the input. Are you from US or MX?

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EDDY Says:

I'm from the U.S. and while I would have considered doing what you did if needed you are only allowed to bring back a 90 day supply, and I'm not sure that even applies to controlled meds being brought back into the U.S. without a valid U.S. prescription.

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Nugget Says:

Where did you go to get the farmapram? I am planning on driving into Mexico in the next few days and would like to make the process as painless as possible since my Spanish isn't that great

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Nugget Says:

Hey cat, sorry I probably didn't clarify. I am in san Diego and was hoping to dog somewhere close to here if anyone has any insight in that region of mexico

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Cat Says:

Only place I go is through Progesso, by Brownsville, Tx.

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Black Says:

I miss being able to go into progresso. No one is ever able to go for me!! Used to go into progresso every month!

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Andrea Says:

I've been wanting to go to Progreso to fill an Rx of Alprazolam, but too scared. My Spanish is not fluent. Will they ask for a valid U.S. prescription?

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BenzoKing Says:

Almost every pharmacy in Mex has them, $22 for 30 2mg bags isn't bad at all, light coating so they are quick release.

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Deepsouthrx Says:

They cost 40 for 30-2mg. Tablets non scored bar.

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Nat Says:

My friend fills her rx for Farmapram in Mexico quite often. She says they work great. Only negative is that she has become dependent and takes 2mg daily.

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Cathy Says:

Re: Nat (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for the input. Can't get them filled down here in Tn. That s*** is tight. Are they white bars with no imprint?

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Deepsouthrx Says:

The pisa brand are cheaper but difficult to pass even walking.....ridiculous but me happened twice after going to MX various times...even mail order...mexican scripts are not legal. Only american scripts for controlled substances are allowed.

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Knowpain Says:

Re: Deepsouthrx (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Can you get these in Playa Del Carmen? You recommend any certain farmacia?

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Cristian Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Their legit just get them from a reputable pharmacy you trust

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Breadman Says:

Re: Cat (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I know it's been awhile now but curious. What was your opinion on these Cat? Real deal or no. Just got some and haven't tried them yet. Crap. I hope they're the real deal.

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Sal Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

To clear things for you, I went to see the psychiatrist today and he prescribed me Alprazolam 2 mg and they gave me farmapram 2mg. It is the same as Xanax is in the US. I was prescribed Xanax in Texas for about 5 years. I moved to Mexico and I'm still getting Xanax prescribed but here it's very expensive. I'm very glad that I am a person who has to deal with drug issues there for my psychiatrist does prescribe me Xanax even though he only gave me 1 box today but that's because they have not been stocking Controlled Substances since the earthquake. We can probably say that the xanax is as potent so dont worry, it's the same thing! Hope my info was useful.

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barzonbarz Says:

I get them in progresso all the time 60 pills for 35 USD. I live in Mission, TX

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