Finding A New Doctor Who Will Prescribe Vyvanse In Missouri

Needanewdoctor Says:


I am 39 years old and have been prescribed vyvanse for almost 8 years. Being diagnosed with this as an adult was a game changer for me in so many ways and what I have been able to achieve. Unfortunately, I'm tired of feeling like I'm bothering someone no matter if I'm calling to schedule an appointment, have a question regarding medication or God forbid you would like to speak to the doctor themself. Some of the things I have put up with are mind blowing but I don't know how to find another doctor and I'm afraid of being off my medications. I am a better person, mother, friend, daughter ect.. as long as I do not slip up on appointments and continue to take my meds daily. Anyone with any advice is appreciated!

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J fish Says:

Trying to find a doctor to prescribe Adderall or Vyvanse in Springfield, Missouri. I feel like I have add but have not been diagnosed. Please help. I can't even hold a job without that type of medication.

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Gatorsmom78 Says:

I couldn't agree more. I am in Arkansas and also on Vyvanse prior to moving here. I also have medical records etc. I have been to two psychiatrists who not only give me a "new diagnosis" but have flat out refused to prescribe me Vyvanse or any controlled substance. I understand there is an epidemic but there are plenty of ways doctors could monitor their patients medication for abuse. Why is it so difficult to find a doctor who will prescribe what had worked for me for years? Instead I get what they THINK is right for me along with a new diagnosis. In addition to being treated like I'm drug seeker. Being off my medications has severe impacts on my life. The

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Gatorsmom78 Says:

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Let me know if you happen to find one and I'll do the same.

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