Hydrocodone And Oxycodone Warnings

Sam Says:

Any of these drugs can make you itch depending on how used to them and how much you take. If you are young, do everything you can to stay away from these drugs, and if you're using them for recreation I beg you to stop. Now that I've said all that, some people need to have them. Even young people ... but they can be as dangerous as they are helpful if you are not very careful to come off them as soon as possible. I am 49 years old. I broke my back when I was 28 years old, and I started taking them. I've had surgeries and I've come off the pills for years at a time, but from the time of my first back surgery my spine developed little holes and massive calcium deposits (scar tissue) so that the bones became brittle and the nerves more and more impinged. After the third back surgery and larger amounts of opioids my stomach and pancreas began to have problems which resulted in my gal bladder being taken and chronic pancreatitis setting up in my body.

All of that being said I now take 320mg of oxycodone a day on my worst day and 80 on a good day. Most likely this will be permanent but I strive to try and get off them because I feel so much better without them. Don't be fooled by the drug. It will only feel good for a while then nothing, then you will have to take pills to just feel normal. And believe me when you get there you will hate these drugs as much as I do. I really hate to read these boards and see young people asking about opioids and how to skip drug panels and such because I've been there, and even though I started from an injury I can't say that how good they felt in the beginning didn't play some small role in how much I take today. Please if this can help anyone please be aware of the dangers this drug represents even though you may be given it by a doctor. Wean yourself off as soon as the pain allows you to.

The two drugs listed metabolize like this: The hydrocodone is synthesized using hydrogen and the oxycodone with oxygen, since your body readily accepts oxygen oxycodone is a cleaner and better (meaning stronger) because your body can absorb it better. Hydrocodone comes in many forms, but basically they metabolize as Vicodin (Hydrocodone with no Tylenol or Aspirin as a buffer); Lortab (uses Tylenol as a buffer). Norco (uses Aspirin I believe but I may be wrong, usually Tylenol says Apap). Any others can be figured out with a quick search. Then Tylox is oxycodone (similar to Vicodin in that it has no buffers), Oxycodone also has ones with buffers called Percocet (which use Tylenol) and Percodan (uses Aspirin) then there are two extended release versions called Oxycodone ER or it's original name OxyContin. I hope this helps.

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Kelli Says:

320 mg of Oxycodone a DAY!! How do you cope through out the day. I was worried with my 60 grams a day (no buffer) I actually thought something like 320 mg was life threatening. Well if anything I feel better about my dosage. Thank you Sam ps I am also 49 yrs old.

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Donna Says:

I am a lung cancer survivor and have been for 17 year this June 29th. No chemo/radiation; just surgery and I am truly blessed. They did damage he intercostal nerves that run under my ribs which I was told was a possibility. I've had 8 surgeries: 7 for pain and now am on Morphine and that's all. It's a fairly low dose compared to what I've been on over the years. They did everything including trying to kill the nerve. I would not recommend that to anyone; they just grow back and I don't think it was ever "truly killed". There are people who need different drugs for well documented pain and have a Contract with the doctor and the pills are counted down. So with all the opioid rhetoric going on with news etc. those people will not be able to combat their pain as they are yanking certain drugs off the shelf left and right. THAT IS NOT RIGHT... that leaves the truly needy people out in the cold by not being treated. So, before your speak, think of us who document, document, document and see our doctors on a regular basis and have contracts stating that we can not go to any other doctor or our contract will be voided. There are always a few bad apples out there; don't let them spoil it for us who need it. Do I wish I didn't have to have this; yes. Am I glad I take them to live a half way normal life, YES! Thank you.

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Sammygirl50 Says:

I agree completely with you about the people who are using pain killers correctly and have a contract with their doctor. All of the disks in my lumbar region are either herniated or bulging and my back is now developing scoliosis. I follow my doctors directions at all times and never abuse my medicine. I need this medicine to be able to function, without it I would be in bed all day. I understand why there is screening going on with pain killers but please don't fault those of us who need them and use them properly in order to even have some type of life.

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Jackie Says:

What can I get to help with the itching side effect from Percocet or any other pain meds?

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Bryan Says:

Sam..I fell 5 floors in between the scaffold and the building.. when I was 25. Raced my stock car and hit the wall , and rolled it.. plus I was a drywall hanger. Before I took these pills. Did my share of drinking. Causing cronic pancreatitis , I've had my gallbladder removed from because of stones. My pancreas duct was clogged with a dime size stone causing this. I've had the Frye procedure , never taking any drug. Now I've had neck and back surgery . The discs are shot and arthritis has set in my back now. My heart has CHF. When I go thru withdrawals, my ankles actually shrink, but my back goes into like a shock and starts hurting massively. I would love to quit these pills. But doctors have no mercy on People taking oxycodone, and won't give you a relaxer to ease the withdrawals. I'm 59 years old now. If I could quit I would.. can't even go on vacation because of them. Pain management won't allow it , because I have to keep my appointment with them. The Government is making it harder and harder on the patient and pharmacist to get the drug. Heroin is easier to get I hear, than these pills. Now Trump signed an executive order to make them even harder to get now.. SMH

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David Says:

Congrats on overcoming such a life threatening condition, Donna. It's not everyday we hear about lung cancer success stories. That truly is a blessing. They say chemo/radiation is analogous to fighting poison with poison, so I felt a sigh of relief when I read that you didn't require it.

After experiencing the horrific nerve pain from a toothache, I can't imagine having to kill off an entire nerve either. That would just be disastrous. Nerve pain seems to be in a different class of pain altogether, whereas even opiates/opioids tend to hit or miss.

Thanks for sharing your insight and feedback. I hope you continue to notice improvements in all areas of your life.

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Dee Says:

I love how your are saying I need to get off them in the same breath that you say you are taking them and allot of it... I will be in pain needs for the rest of my life unless a jeany jumps out a bottle and fixes me. I would love to not be on any of the meds that I have to take, but unfortunately I live with chronic pain everyday and they are the only thing that gives me any chance of living a some what normal life. I agree these meds are dangerous, I mean why not lol of course they would be bc I couldn't have it any other way, but again not until a marical happens pain meds will be part of life. The good things is that I am seeing a wonderful pain management dr that takes very good care of me, he just doesn't see me to write me a script, he is doing his best to find ways to fix or make my life easier when other dr's wouldn't even give me a chance. Hopefully someone else will read your post and listen to your advice, but for me you are asking me not to live by taking the only thing away that helps me so if it kills me then so be it, I can live with that chance.

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BL Says:

Jackie, talk to your doctor. He might prescribe Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) .

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Jackie Says:

I have tried allergy mess they don't help with inching

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FallenAngel747 Says:

I went from Fentynal to physepetone and morphine then to physeptone alone. Finding I wanted to be on it for the rest of my life I knew I had to get off it. I was given 35 mg of oxycodone and OxyContin then up to 40 mg these were two 20mg Oxycontin a day. They ( under several studies have proved, they do not last 12 hours, I was getting 7 to 8 hours at the most. With drawl kicked in quickly and was severe leaving me increased it was a day in severe pain and withdrawal. I had to research and get my doctor to put me under hide the codeine which now works perfectly along with diazepam which I seek myself. I give people a warning the OxyContin/Oxycodone (Lomgtec/Shorttec here in the UK are an extremely addictive drug compare to other opiates with only methadone being on par . At least methadone does not wear off so quickly. Does anyone else find OxyContin or not lasting the time that this is issued because if they do it would be helpful if your daughter can and I could approach my doctor with this display studies already haven't been done

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