I Have A History Of Asthma And Used Tedral In The Past But Can Never Find It Anymore

gregory Says:

As stated above i have a history of Asthma and was given tedral as a child but am unable to find this product anymore. Can anyone asist me with its location??

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daren lloyd Says:

try phamanabolics . net about €1 per tab .. reliable , always arrives !!

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Konrad Says:

During junior and high school, I experienced fairly chronic asthma but I was able to participate in jv and varsity football and track, lettering in both. By my mid twenties, the asthmatic symptoms had all but vanished. Now in my early sixties, I am still physically active (running, bicycling, weight training & cross-country skiing), and the asthma has returned to some degree. Over the past five years or so, I have been prescribed various inhalers (Advair, Symbicort, Albuterol, etc) which have had little or no effect. In my experience (1960s) the most effective bronchial dilator I have ever used was Tedral Oral (25 or SA). As an athlete/student at that time, I remember absolutely no side effects whatever. I see from some of the other messages inquiries as to the availability of Tedral, which is my question. For instance is Tedral available in Canada? My thanks for your time into this inquiry.

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Verwon Says:

From what I have found, it seems that Canada is the only place that still has Tedral available. It contains theophylline, ephedrine, and phenobarbital, but there can be some dangers associated with such combinations, so the FDA is generally not fond of allowing them to be sold.




Have any of you consulted your respected doctors to try to find alternatives?

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jrc Says:

If you have had asthma all your life as I did, and suffered from not only asthma but from Tedral and Primetine and the old Solution A, PLEASE DO YOURSELF one favor. Go to your doctor and lie like hell and convience him you have a yeast infection and want Diflucan. IT MAY JUST CHANGE YOUR LIFE AS IT DID MINE.

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dave Says:

You wont find it its. Been. Pulled cause its addictive as hell

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dave Says:

I was like a rubber ball ,couldnt sit still, had so much energy, it was like speed, i became. Addicted to it still am but in the form of cocain. Sucks.

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Kizzy Says:

Is Tedral available in Canada?


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fritz Says:

They don't perscribe it any more, because its highly addictive. I've asked doctors for it they look at me like are you nuts, don't know if its used for anything else but for asthma its not. Albutural is now.

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nonyobus Says:

You will chase girls all day because you think you are superman, but it won't do you any good to catch them.

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WCFields Says:

Do you get flu vaccines?

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sallymander Says:

I used Tedral in the late '60s worked good for my asthma but another use was to get out of the Vietnam war draft. My friends who got called in for a physical would take a tablet before the exam. It made their heart beat so weird that they were rejected for duty.

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Donewithit Says:

Well in the 60s I was taking Tedral, but addicted, find that hard to believe. I hated it. It gave me the shakes but when I couldn't control wheezing I would give in, it would take a whole day for me to stop shaking, and also get rid of the headache. Why would anyone ever want to take it is beyond me. Was so glad my doctor found something else for me and never had it again. It was AWFUL and actually made theophylline somewhat tolerable. Don't take that either.

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Grandma now Says:

I took tedral all thru the 60's. Made me extremely weak and would have the shakes all day; could barely control my bladder (not good in school). One doctor told us it was also very hard on the heart. Today's meds are much better and safer.

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l took Tedral all my child hood in England l did not find it addictive at all, in fact it was a life saver. l now live in Australia and for 35 years have not had an attack but use Ventolin and Seritide. But since l was breathing in cement from renovations l have become very ill with Asthma, and these products do not work anymore l only wish l could get Tedral as l know this would make my life worth living as at the present time no one can seem to get me well......l wish there was something better than these puffers........l am really desperate....

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John Says:

I used Tedral for childhood asthma in the 1960's and never had any side effects.
I am trying to locate some now since my asthma like symptoms have re surfaced as I approach my 60th birthday

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Kate in California Says:

I, too was prescribed Tedral for acute asthma in the sixties when I was a child... my usage was always combined with a secondary medication called Marax, but I experienced terrible side effects such as rapid heartbeat, sleeplessness, nausea and vomiting, and hallucinations... and have suffered an irregular heartbeat which is permanent and have been told by cardiologists that this medication could actually have changed the electro conductivity of my heart muscle.. I am now almost 60 and have been on medication since my twenties to correct this defect.. but as everyone reacts differently, I am not sure if there are others out there who have experienced the same lifelong adverse effects... for those that are still interested in trying to find the drug who had good results from its usage I believe it is still available in Canada or through Canadian drug companies... if anyone out there is reading this and has also suffered heart issues after using either of these medications I would love to know!

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Robbie Says:

Hi my is Rob FR Calgary AB CDN, Iwas born ablue baby no oxygen and horrible asthma was given tedral at 6 yrs old born in 1963 it was a god send I did not pray that I would die every night to die I could not breath afraid to go to sleep!!! it worked bot to young to handle the side affects in which we all know the worst was vomiting the yellow stuff and I guess being to young to know what high was do you know ? diflucan if that works I am on singler air pill, vent puffer, advair, spriva mist new any help???

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Marlene Says:

I took Tedral for asthma since I was 3 years old (in the 1960's). It was a miracle drug at the time. I continued for over 30 years until it became unavailable. Now I suffer from increased heart rate, and chronic migraines - all started after I stopped taking Tedral. It's been almost 15 years since I stopped and I quality of life decreased almost immediately. It's like it rewired my brain somehow and it will never bounce back.

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Robbie Says:

Robbie fr Cal AB CND I wonder if the drug may have been diss as the ingred may have dire effects on organs(liver,Kidneys,etc) at that age me my mom tell me now 41/2 to 15 yrs old I am now 50 but damage was done!! It was like being a high little kid but with abig insight I am now end stage liver failure and wish something like that did not come into my body Godbless all I am lost!! Dear God in Heaven

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Gary Says:

Not sure if it's still available. Tedral must have saved my life multiple times in my childhood (1960's) when I had severe asthma and there were no inhalers like todays. Had to always have a couple in my pocket. But hated taking it, gave terrible shakes, like shot of adrenalin. I also recall a nightime extended release version that helped with night breathing but also made it hard to sleep and left me tired in morning. Thankfully grew out of worst problems and inhalers came along.

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Colleen Says:

Re: Kate in California (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

I took tedrall I would shake have hallucinations I was young I was so scared to go to to sleep I'd always have dreams of being on an operating table and Dr's and nurses smothering me early 70s I started smoking pot and the attacks went away thank God because no one was listening to what was happening to me when I took the tedrall

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Tri Says:

Re: MARGO (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Totally agree like yourself always asthmatic tedral life save ..inhaler don't do half the job

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Asthma Boy Says:

Re: Gary (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

"No inhalers"? In the 60's? I had asthma in the 60's as well, and the inhaler I used was called ISOPRYL.

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Lacey Says:

Re: Verwon (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

So if I send a prescription to a canadian pharmacy, I can get Tedral here in NYC?

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8TrackMind Says:

Tedral is the stuff that killed Inger Stevens in 1970.

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Dave Says:

I was in the same boat as you. Tedral is highly addictive, the reason you can't find it. I was 8 years old when started using it until I was 22-23 yrs old. I was addicted went through with draws had a hard time adjusting to life without it.

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Rakku Says:

In absence of tedral sa a large number of asthma patients may die, because no other medicine in medical science is as effective as tedral sa. So it is urgent and necessary to give the order for the reproduction of tedral sa by our respective health minister ji for saving a large number of asthmatic patients. Tedral sa is life for asthma patients.

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Jo Says:

I just cleaning out my grandfather's drawer and found a bottle waay in the back. He had COPD and I gather there are generic versions available. This is an original bottle.

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Duke Says:

Coke and Tedral are nothing alike. Tedral is a wonderful medicine for asthma. Please get help.

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Dave Says:

From age 8 I was prescribed tedral, it was the only effective treatment for y asthma, inhalers didn't come close to treating my asthma as did tedral id like to find how I could get a prescription for it.

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