I Am Taking Norco, Mirapex And Alteril. Is This Wise?

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I am taking 1 tablet of Norco 10-325mg at bedtime for pain due to ankle surgery; 1 tablet of Mirapex 0.25 at bedtime for RLS; and over the counter Alteril ( 1-2 tablets) for sleep. Restless legs are keeping me awake and in torment at night. Is there any problem with this combination? Also, is there a better solution for RLS?

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Lyla Says:

Increase your dose of Mirapex to the next level. I have had RLS since childhood and am now 60 years old. Ten years ago I was given Mirapex at its lowest dose and that very night I went to sleep without having to get up and walk or jump around because of my legs. Since then I have had to up my dose to one and one-half tables of .5. Your body has probably built up a tolerance, just keep upping the dose when you have more than a few nights of leg problems.

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Verwon Says:

No one should change the dosage of any medication, without their doctor's approval.

The FDA warns that Mirapex may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and unusual sleep patterns.

However, there is no way to check actual prescription medications against a supplement, such as Alteril. Is your doctor aware that you are taking it?

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