I Found 11 Light Blue Round Pills In A Small Bag With No Imprint And I'm Trying To Find Out What They Are - Does Anyone Have Any Advice.

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light blue round tables - less than 1/2 inch in diameter - they look as if they have little specs of something brown but very smaill and not may - any info would help

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Verwon Says:

Sorry, if there is no marking on them, then there is no way to positively identify them, unless you would pay to have them tested by a lab.

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Barbara Says:

I found a round blue scored pill with not imprint. How do
I find a lab that will analyze it? If it is something illegal, can I get in trouble?

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carolyn Says:

If you are unsure what they are do not take them. Yes you can get in trouble if they are a narcotic,.

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Barb Says:

Me course I would not take them. My concern is that I found them in my daughters car on the passenger side. That is why I need to identify them.

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G-olden Says:

Possibly oxycodone (oxycontin). Sounds like what my husband was taking/prescribed for 4 years after a major accident that broke his back and knees. There is a huge and serious problem with kids taking/selling them illegally! (I was completely unaware of this problem until an unbelievable amount of "so-called friends" just came out of the woodwork to ask for a "spare" pill). Shocking. This also creates more issues for those who actually do have need for them medically. I do sincerely hope that was not the case with the found bag of pills! I know this was posted a while back but I figured I would write anyway in case anyone else is looking for an answer to the same question!

P.S. Parents beware it is a very serious and powerful DRUG, it completely changed my husband's behavior and personality. HIGHLY addictive!

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Concerned Parent been there Says:

if it is speckled and has no imprint looks like light blue with a dark blue and brown speckles it is Percocet 30mg and is a narcotic oxycodone, you can take them to a Walgreens or CVS and they will identifiy them for you but I can assure you that nothing good is in a baggie in your kids car. Have you tried asking your daughter, even if she says they are not mine I am sure she knows what they are. These pills are punishable by prison time and very serious. You can also dispose eof them at any hospice and they will also tell you what they were.

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scott Says:

What is a small round blue pill with no imprints?

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bruce Says:

Small light blue round pill with one side scored and nothing the otherside

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sally Says:

Please could you tell me if there's such a pill. It's a small light blue round pill with a line through one side.it feels rough to touch.I was told its 10 mg diazepam from a doctor in America! Please give me ur opinion.THANKYOU.

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Mike Says:

The blue pill with just a score is 10mg diazepam which is a benzodiazpine. An even more dangerous drug than oxycodone imo but both very dangerous and very addictive. If someones child is taking these, they are most likely depressed or feeling isolated from the world in some way or something. Psychology and chemistry is my s*** :) hope this helps!

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Stevaddie30 Says:

It isn't necessarily oxycodone or oxycontin...They are worried about their daughter..Dont guarantee that they are nothing good...That's ridiculous. In any event..To the daughter's parent or parents regardless of what they are, take them away, it is super illegal if indeed it's narcotics, no matter if it's 1 pill or 10.... It's illegal period to have any rx medication without a doctor's prescription. Therefore take them from your daughter and dispose of them correctly. My guess of what they are is either what everyone else thinks (the 30mg oxys) but it also could be and I'm leaning more towards this 1mg alprazolam..(xanax)...I wish you luck...

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Nikkgreen Says:

Re: Barb (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

From personal experience it sounds like it could be an 'xtc' pill, especially since it has no markings and the tiny brown specs you had mentioned that's on the pill...

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Lopeta Says:

I found a small light blue pill on the floor in my child’s bedroom. One side it’s double scored ( to make quarters +)
The other side it says 25 but in front of the 2 there is a another #, letter or symbol that I can’t make out
Can anyone ID this pill?

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Becky Says:

Re: bruce (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Hello Bruce, I'm Rebecca and I saw your post regarding small blue tablets. They have no markings at all.

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Danni Says:

Re: Barbara (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Barbara don't u know what medications that people in ur household? Plus it'll cost a bit if u get it analized.

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AlaskanIce Says:

Re: Barb (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

They are most definitely street valium. If u stick them on scales each tab should weigh between 1.7g and 2.0g. Put them in water if there fake diazepam the blue dye will run off them.

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Dice Says:

Re: Nikkgreen (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I Was Thinking The Same Thing.. That's Exactly What It Sounds Like They Might Be

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