I Was Discharged From Pain Management Cuz My Exwife Wrote The Doc N Said I Was Selling My Pills. My Ua Was Positive For Opiates But He Still Discharge

ed Says:

I need to find find a docor but noone will treat me I was doing fine on mscontin 40 mg three times a day and ms contin 15 mg a day for breakthrough pain I've never sold my meds I need them I can barely stand up straight my wife has to get me out of bed put me to bed I've lost 4 jobs in 9 years.. please what can I do?

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David Says:

Hi ed,

Sorry to hear about what happened between you and your ex wife. I'm no relationship expert here, but if I could suggest anything at all, the first thing I would personally do in such a situation is completely cut any ties with your ex, since that's where the problem seems to be stemming from.

If they decided to keep her letter on file under your name, then it may be a good idea to really try and work with other doctors to regain some level of trust.

Perhaps if you were to write a letter as well that declares what she had stated about you to be false, that could be your best bet for getting your foot in the door at a new clinic. This way you don't necessarily have to explain yourself at every new doctor you go to. They can then compare letters and come to their own conclusions on whether or not to accept you as a patient.

I hope this advice helps and wish you good luck in proving your case!

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PghPensFanatic66 Says:

I'm having a similar story KINDA & need 2 find a NEW Pain Management Dr.

More than a year ago I had an accidental overdose. I was seeing my VERY 1st Pain Management Dr & he prescribed me more than a HANDFUL of Narcotics as Pain Relievers, Sleep Aides, & Anxiety Meds.

When it became time 4 me 2 take my night meds... I needed my anxiety meds, sleeping meds & all my other nightly meds (4 Migraines, vitamins & such) I went 2 take my pain meds & took more than I should have...

My reasoning...MY family's reasoning... I was a Zombie! I was DOPED UP 4 almost 2yrs! It was ALL the narcotics! If someone wasn't around 2 help me, as I came 2 find out, I can't do this on my own!

My Sister came 2 wake me up, my hospital bed like in the middle of the living room & she sleeps next 2 me on the couch, & didn't wake up! I was unconscious! She called 911 & I was barely breathing & diagnosis was... I almost OD'd so THAT is on my record everywhere I go! I had 2 go drug & alcohol rehab & go thru detox & talk with Psychologists & Psychiatrists... Now NO Pain Dr will prescribe me ANYTHING 4 pain & all I was looking 4 was Tylenol 3's which is low man on the totem pole... BUT everyone keeps repeating...I'll lose my license or let's stay on the non-narcotic side! I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH DRUGS! It's not like cigarettes or booze!

I take it cause I'm in pain NOT cause the sensors in my brain say...ooh, I wanna feel good!!

Anyhow, if ANYONE has ANY, ANY suggestions AT ALL...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!

I really need 2 see the appropriate Dr 4 my Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, degeneration in (C-1-C-4), need steel rod replaced in right knee& early onset of Arthritis... Btw.. Did I mention, I was 43yrs old?

Please pray 4 me!!

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anonymous Says:

Wow sorry to hear about that we all mess up but you are a risk for a doc. Time needs to pass or move outta state period.I have I never od d. But had unfavorable things in my recent documents. I went from Dr to Dr couldn't get tramadol even though I have MRI s etc. Anyway I suffered for 2 years then I just moved. Of coarse it took time to re establish where I moved but after 2 and half years I was given a chance along with another diagnosis. To be very careful with meds ,

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jazz Says:

Bullard clinic in New Orleans 4949 villages blvd also ambassador caffery in lafayette

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Karaoke Diva Says:

I'm having a problem getting my Tramadol refilled now that it has changed drug classes. My PCP has always filled it 4 me now she's giving me a difficult time about it. She mentioned about getting it refilled from my Pain Dr. My Pain Dr doesn't prescribe ANY Pain Rx's. His approach is holistic. He does acupuncture & massages. I asked him if he'd do it 4 me & he said no.

So, if this is what helps my pain & my PCP won't refill it & my Pain Dr won't do it, what am I supposed 2 do?!!

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HELPinPA Says:


The first thing I would do is to call the doctors office if you have not already said this and tell them your ex-wife does not live with you & your divorced and has no idea what you do! You can also sue her for defamation of character. You never stated what city you’re in and also if this is the wife that still lives with you I agree with the person above about cutting ties. Maybe she did this to get you back in her own way it might be an ass backwards but that could be her reasoning. Get yourself a nurse that your insurance should pay for, go to your family doctor's office as well and explain the situation and I’m sure he’ll refer you to someone. Get a copy of your records that you passed your test.

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Tedster1956 Says:

Re: PghPensFanatic66 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Your best bet is to get off your pain meds. I thought I would be on opioids for the rest of my life and I had a PM doctor that was dishing out the pills. But, I weaned myself off of all pain meds and now I'm free. I had major spine surgery in 2016 where the straightened my spine and fused 6 discs. I've had 2 separate neck surgeries to fuse 2 discs. Osteoarthritis is eating me up. However I feel better than I ever did on opiods. It was 8 years of addiction, overdoses and near death experiences that finally got my heart right. BTW I'm 63. Good Luck!

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Michelle Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Try your local free clinic. You might also try local drug addict clinics. I can guess that most will refuse Methadone, but they may offer Buprenorphine. It is the new manna from Heaven according to most docs I deal with. Many say it helps. I wish you good luck.

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HelpedOthers Says:

Re: PghPensFanatic66 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I am praying for you please trust in our Lord and if it is His will it will be done to get you to the right doctor who will be able to access your chronic pain and every health issues you are going through. Our God is The Greatest Healer of All and He has allowed people to be doctors and nurses and Specialist. In The Mighty Name of Jesus I stand with you to be healed.

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Brenda Says:

Re: PghPensFanatic66 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

43 that’s young! U need some physical therapy with stretching exercises and get out and get a JOB!!!!

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Jamo1 Says:

Re: Michelle (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

David didn't ask the question, Ed did! Try reading next time! Ed is NOT an addict, he's a chronic pain patient whose Ex-wife sent a letter to his doctor, lying and saying he was selling his pills! He passed a drug panel that showed his meds in his system, but his Dr. dropped him as a patient! He was asking for advice. Read carefully before you post a totally unhelpful reply next time!

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bill Says:

Re: Jamo1 (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

folks dont really know when someone is in pain and folks will tell them im praying for you that dont help a bit they need there pain medicne if folks would live one day in pain they would know how much in pain you was in in i know myself im inn pain 18 hours a day iim living in hell with all this pain im in

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Peter T Poster Says:

Same happened to me, Dr. treated me until I found another. I got rid of her after married 33 years .
She told mine I was a fraud even after surgeries and MRI's that were current.
So long b...

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Optimistic Says:

Someone in my state complained to the board of medicine when they were discharged for having suicidal ideation after their meds were reduced.
The board ruled against the doctor, but I’m sure that doesn’t mean the doctor has to take him back, but now he won’t do it to anyone else because he was told it’s a violation.
I am horrified they believed your x over you and your current wife.
You have an action for defamation against her if she’s worth suing. Her lies interfered with your health, your ability to earn money, and a contract if you had a pain contract.

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Peter T Poster Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

No one believes a drug addict, no one.

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Peter T Poster Says:

Re: HELPinPA (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Ed, I had nothing left to give so she pulled that on me. Was over 10 years ago and she leaves me alone
done and over

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Optimistic Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

This is excellent advice. He must’ve been talking to her enough if she knew where he was getting his medication from. When my brother was abusing his Adderall I didn’t know who his doctor was to even call and yell at him about it, so this man has a closer relationship with his ex-wife than I do with my brother. And that doesn’t seem smart considering she did this.

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