Increased Sedation With Lorazepam? :/

Derek Says:

So I was recently prescribed lorazepam (Ativan) (1mg), and took it this morning. This was the third day I had taken it. The first two times, I had no problem. It worked great. But today, I found myself unbelievably sleepy and had to leave class and come home and sleep. I never had this problem before. Granted, I had a bad night of sleep last night, but woke up fine… until I took the Ativan. Any thoughts here as to how to avoid the sleepiness that it may bring next time? Please don't say "get a better night's rest", because that is not the only reason here. But anything else is appreciated!!

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Susie Says:

I can't take Lorazepam because it snows me & makes me so so tired. But I would suggest you break it in half. You can always take the other half anytime if you need it.

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Verwon Says:

Another alternative is to try taking it at night, when you're going to bed, rather than taking it in the morning. That way the worse of the drowsiness it causes will happen when you need to sleep and be worn off during the day, when you need to be awake.

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Is there a specific reason you were given to take it in the morning?

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Wantoffbad Says:

I have tapered to no lorazapem the last few months. i was taking one mg at night for 10 years. It has been an insomnia nightmare. I tapered gradually, self-induced as I really want off this medicine. I wake up and cannot return to sleep several times a night. Finally I go sit in an easy chair and it helps sleep most times. I think this class of drugs is one of the hardest to shake. I can only hope my sleep improves, in time. I am trying chamomile tea tonight to help.

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Nicole Says:

I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and insomnia by my psychiatrist 8 years ago. I also suffered from frequent disabling panic attacks. My psychiatrist prescribed Adivan to treat my anxiety, panic attacks and my insomnia. I have a prescription for 1 mg/prn and not to exceed 7 mg per day. what works for me is taking on average a dose of 1 mg for anxiety and or panic attacks during the day usually 1-3 times per day. I then with the advice of my psychiatrist take 3 mg for my insomnia at night. This works well for me and I get quick relief from anxiety and panic attacks with that 1 mg dose. I never feel drowsy or impaired. The 3 mg for sleep at night put me to sleep in about 20 minutes and I stay asleep for on average 8 hours. I feel fortunate to have found something that works for me, however it took working with my doctor for a while to get to this point. I'm a firm believer in working with your physician diligently to find the medication and dosages that work for you and give you relief of your symptoms.

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