Is Mylan Lorazepam Discontinued?
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winjy Says:

My pharmacy told me that they can't buy mylan any more and they do not know if it is discontinued or not.

Since Qualitest lorazepam was discontinued, Mylan is the only lorazepam that works (less effective than Qualitest) but works with less side effects than others (Watson, leading pharma, actavis: don't work causing serious side effects).

Any alternatives, or another generic lorazepam that works ok? Lorazepam is the only sedative that works for me for anxiety and stiffness due to side effects of levothyroxine. Other medicine such as clonazepam, alprazolam (xanax), cymbalta, zoloft, lexapro, etc do not work.

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Marcus Says:

Re: joe (# 225) Expand Referenced Message

Unfortunately, there aren't many generics left on the market. There's the name brand, but it's not affordable without insurance, and it can be difficult to get coverage for it.

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joe Says:

Re: Marcus (# 224) Expand Referenced Message

welcome to the club, been taking watson for years, no problem but once teva starting making their own, which i think started in feb., i took the new one and cant say anything good, filed a complaint with the fda.
now im searching for something that really works

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Marcus Says:

Re: Richard H (# 223) Expand Referenced Message

Do you take the ones that say "Teva" on them now? And do they work OK/ It seems like it was what I will take next after having been on the Actavis Watson for many years. I have been worried about the change, as I have had many difficulties with changing brands before when it comes to lorazepam.

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Richard H Says:

Re: Wez (# 222) Expand Referenced Message

Short answer- no. Long answer- as told to me by a reputable pharmacist- Watson lorazepam was sold to Actavis back in 2013...along with the the 'real' Watson' you've been taking has been Actavis despite the "Watson" name still imprinted on the pill. Then last year, Teva bought the Actavis lorazepam and they did change the molds though they swear they kept the same fillers. When I went to generics back years ago I too found Watson the best.....around 2016 I noticed the letters were a bit blurry and the tablet was a shade lighter...that's when I began investigating.....but between the Watson, the actavis "watson" and the Teva, I found little if any difference.

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Wez Says:

Re: Marcus (# 221) Expand Referenced Message

This brand is what I'm looking for. I have been on this brand for many years and I like it I work in a pharmacy I need this medication because I have severe severe anxiety from being beaten and pause I use it for my TMJ at night. I have tried many other brands of this lorazepam but it didn't work. Now I am on klonopin 0.5 mg and I do not like it, it is not helping my tmj. Are they going to ever bring this Brand back???

WATSON 242 2 pill

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Marcus Says:

Re: Wez (# 218) Expand Referenced Message

Which country are you in?

In the US, I have never seen a tablet with M 2 that is Ativan. Googling that imprint it looks like it may be a medicine called Furosemide by Mylan.

The Mylan Ativan said Mylan on them along with a number (I don't recall what the number was now, but it wasn't 2--something longer).

Mylan stopped making Ativan quite a long time ago now, and now Mylan has renamed itself as Viatris.

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Marcus Says:

Re: joe (# 217) Expand Referenced Message

I forgot to ask. Did you find a brand that worked better than the new Teva? I know there aren't many options left.

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Marcus Says:

Re: joe (# 217) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, i agree. I have found that each new company I have had to switch to has been worse than the last. I remember when Teva switched their Klonopin formula people got upset enough that they changed the formula back, but they said it was still not the same as before they had bought it up.

With Ativan I have been on it since before there were generics, and as each generic company has left the market or sold their formula, it's gotten worse. By far Qualitest/Vintage was the best generic, but that's been gone for so long now. I'm on other medications where the generic has stayed the same over many years, but for some reason Ativan is the one that keeps changing.

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Wez Says:

Re: Marcus (# 214) Expand Referenced Message

That was the brand, not Mylan. It was Watson 2mg. So why is it gone?

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joe Says:

Re: Marcus (# 214) Expand Referenced Message

Have tried it and it's garbage. There is a history here of companies who buy out another company's Lorazepam and change the formula immediately. Over the last 32 years i have never found someone to say that the new product by the new company is better, drug companies put 250 million a year into washington, that buys a lot of protection

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Henry Says:

Re: Wez (# 215) Expand Referenced Message

Mylan is actually gone now. They merged with Upjohn, Pfizer's off-patent medicine division, to form Viatris.

I wouldn't expect any new lorazepam releases to the market. Another option is to try switching to Xanax, particularly the extended Xanax XR variation.

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Wez Says:

I have been on Lorazepam 2mg from Mylan I think (It had imprints of M2 on it). I work in a pharmacy and I had to change to Klonopin, and now I am not doing well on it. Are the drug manufacturers going to bring it back? I have tried many other brands of lorazepam and nothing works like that one did.

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Marcus Says:

Teva's Actavis Watson tablets are now discontinued. The pharmacy at first said there was no Teva available, which is usually what I call it, but it turns out there is a Teva with a new imprint (does not say Watson) made out of the Czech Republic. So that is what they are ordering. Has anyone tried this?

The new imprint is TV / 1 and 1 / R.

I swear Ativan is discontinued more than any other medication.

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Marcus Says:

Re: Marcus (# 212) Expand Referenced Message

AuroLife lorazepam is definitely giving me an allergic reaction.

The first time I took it, I thought it was a coincidence that my mouth and throat got really dry and swollen. It's a scary feeling, like it's going to close up.

It went away after a couple of hours. I just took my next dose of it, and it happened again. I wasn't expecting it. I thought the first time was a fluke. The first time I had that, which was later followed by reflux, which may be coming again.

I noticed the ingredient difference between AuroLife and Teva/Actavis is anhydrous lactose vs lactose monohydrate, respectively.

I'm not sure what to do as the pharmacy won't take it back, even though it was their mistake in dispensing the wrong brand.

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Marcus Says:

I've been on Teva/Actavis for a long while now and had no trouble getting it.

My doctor writes dispense as prescribed only on the script for Teva/Actavis.

I go out of my way to call the pharmacy each month to make sure they fill it with the right brand even though it's written on the prescription. I have to have someone else pick it up for me.

This month they filled it with AuroLife, despite writing Teva as the manufacturer on the bottle.

They admitted they made a dispensing error but are refusing to take it back to exchange it. The pharmacy tech I spoke to was very apologetic and very knowledgable. The pharmacist however was very gruff.

I've already been very anxious lately so it's hard to tell how much difference it's making, but it's definitely giving me reflux as well.

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Leebs Says:

Re: Richard (# 209) Expand Referenced Message

Rite Aid has Aurobindo. According to ASHP, Actavis has been on back order (although the 2mg is now back in stock after several months) but Leading and Major have product. And Bausch has the Ativan brand. I just picked up my refill of Aurobindo yesterday. So obviously they’re in stock (and produced in India. As is Actavis. )

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Henry Says:

Re: Richard (# 209) Expand Referenced Message

Here is the current Lorazepam shortage data:


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Richard Says:

Re: Doc21 (# 208) Expand Referenced Message

Has anyone had difficulty getting lorazepam? i've gotten it at Costco for at least 10 years....yesterday I called to make sure they had it (sometimes they run short and are slow reordering.).....they were out but said they would reorder for today by 2pm. I got there at 2....they cannot get it...the bill of lading said the mfg could not supply....I though 'oh oh'...and called another Costco....same thing..they don't have it and cannot get it...I did finally find it at a local drug store but what is going on? Is it Covid in India affecting production or something else? I know its a 'controlled' substance (unlike alcohol which isn't addictive-HA!) simply because politicians cannot separate a med that controls anxiety as opposed to an opiate for getting high (what issue does alcohol cure again?).....

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Doc21 Says:

Re: Richard H (# 206) Expand Referenced Message

Lol... I hear you Richard. That was all stuff I knew as well. As in the Watson business. I'm not getting any younger myself. Ha!

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Marcus Says:

Re: Doc21 (# 204) Expand Referenced Message

Wyeth kept making it for Biovail for a while, even after selling the marketing rights. I think in Pennsylvania. Then the production moved to Germany, where it was made for Biovail (which became Bausch somewhere around this time) where it was made for them by Meda (which became a subsidiary of Mylan, and Mylan no longer exists as a company now). Now it's made in-house by Bausch in Manitoba, Canada. Same imprint and formula I suppose, but the manufacturing site has changed a number of times.

Bausch is one of the most unethical companies on Earth.

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