Is Mylan Lorazepam Discontinued? (Top voted first)

winjy Says:

My pharmacy told me that they can't buy mylan any more and they do not know if it is discontinued or not.

Since Qualitest lorazepam was discontinued, Mylan is the only lorazepam that works (less effective than Qualitest) but works with less side effects than others (Watson, leading pharma, actavis: don't work causing serious side effects).

Any alternatives, or another generic lorazepam that works ok? Lorazepam is the only sedative that works for me for anxiety and stiffness due to side effects of levothyroxine. Other medicine such as clonazepam, alprazolam (xanax), cymbalta, zoloft, lexapro, etc do not work.

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Joseph Says:

I don't know about lorazepam being discontinued but I was told by two representatives the they are discontinuing clonazepam and I'm devastated. Mylan is the only brand that works for me. Try calling them to confirm it. This is a total disgrace. God Bless!

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Re: Twig7 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

It's truly a TOTAL rip off for almost ALL pharmaceuticals! I take a med, Fiorinal, that was first produced almost 50 year's ago and if it weren't for my insurance it would cost me almost $250.00 for a ONE MONTH supply! The really whacked out thing is that in the 1980's, when I didn't have insurance I could get a one month supply for about $35.00!!! What is wrong with THAT picture?? It is Soooo Damm ridiculous, sad, and sick! Ok, I'll stop the rant now....

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Twig7 Says:

I talked to Mylan Pharmaceuticals and they told me the only thing they got going on is they are back-ordered on 1 mg tablets. That should be rectified sometime this week. They still have .5 mgs and 2 mgs available. Ask your pharmacy if they can order those two strengths and have your gp or pdoc write you a script to the amount you take daily. (You may hafta double up or split your pills) If they aren't a mom and pop style pharmacy I'd call around to one as they're more willing to help you. Only other brand that worked for me was BPI that Valeant makes. They took over BPI which bought out Wyeth Pharmaceuticals brand name. My Wal-Mart can get BPI and the so-called brand name that Valeant makes. (Valeant makes both the generic BPI and the brand name they say is the original Ativan) I won't believe it's the real deal until I've heard it from them and taken it. I about flipped my wig when Wal-Mart told my wife how much 100 1mgs were. Hope this helps.

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Tip21 Says:

Re: Joyce (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

If you're talking about Mylan lorazepam discontinuing their manufacturing of lorazepam that's false. They aren't even open on the weekends. I've spoke to them about this shortage as well and they assured me there's no discontinuation of Mylan lorazepam. They're on backordered with their 1mg tablets. They have techs and nurses that you can discuss any issues about any of their drugs they make. They are very gracious and helpful. Yes many warehouses may not want to purchase it due to cost factors or any other reason but it's not discontinued.

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Jean Says:

Re: Jamie (# 23) Expand Referenced Message

I talked to Mylan 6/13/18 and they told me lorazepam was on backorder and will be discontinued. Having a backorder makes no sense if you are not going to manufacture again. I'm going to call them again and see what answer they give me. Then I'm going to contact the FDA to register a complaint.

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Jamie Says:

Midge (# 26) --

Yes lorazepam is still being manufactured by other companies. A lot of people me included are upset by the fact that Mylan is discontinuing theres. Mylan has been the only brand that gave me no side effects and feel better and normal. I’ve been taking another brand Actavis that makes me feel like complete garbage! Zonked out super depressed and does nothing for anxiety. It’s a nightmare!

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RockerJ Says:

Re: Tip21 (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

I know this was written a while back but unfortunately Mylan has discontinued both Clonazepam and Lorazepam. Talked to 3 different reps to get the same story over a month period. It sucks because I don’t abuse sh—!!! I’ve been taking 1 Cymbalta a day along with 1 Mylan Clonazepam for the last 11 years and then bam! My refill in late June was some brand called Accord, terrible! Then the crappy Actavis both Clonazepam and lorazepam. I now take Solco. It is as close to Mylan as I could find, but nothing helps my OCD and anxiety like the Mylan. Nothing! Also for some, please try the Clonazepam wafers. I tried those as well from Par pharmaceuticals And they were okay too. They melt on your tongue. It’s terrible when each Manufacturer doesn’t work the same. People need to advocate to the FDA like I did and also contact your Congressman to get this changed because there is too much bio availability difference between each pill. And when you’re dealing with mental health medication, you’re playing Russian roulette with your life and it’s not fair just for the bigwigs to make their money

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Shelby Says:

What is happening on medications that the pharmacists say they cannot get is this..... The Drug Wholesalers are changing to a less expensive pill and then they stop buying the ones that help us. They are totally in control of what we can purchase. I wish I knew a Medical Reporter that would write an article on what the Drug Wholesalers are doing to us all in the name of GREED!

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Henry Says:

FYI, I just received a call back from Mylan after my phone call a couple days ago. They confirmed they are discontinuing lorazepam.

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Jamie Says:

Re: Tip21 (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

How come when I talked to Mylan they told me they were discontinuing them?! I talked to them on Monday? So what’s the real deal?!! Why are different reps saying different things? My doctor called pharmacy and asked for them to find Mylan there are no pharmacies at all in my area that have any. They were able to order the .5 but they told me those are being discontinued as well. Mylan is the only generic that works for me. I’m freaking out!

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Jamie Says:

Re: Jean (# 24) Expand Referenced Message

Yes please do! Ugh I’ve been taking Actavis for a week and have been so sick! Like totally zonked but still anxious! It’s horroble I can’t function! Let me know!

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HomeTown Mom Says:

I called MYLAN directly and was told they have discontinued LORAZEPAM. I am sensitive to fillers and hope to find a manufacturer using the same inactive ingredients. No luck so far...

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Beth Says:

I called and spoke with a CSR from Mylan Pharmaceuticals, earlier today, and I was told that they have discontinued production of all milligram lorazepam.

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Jamie Says:

Re: Gabby (# 42) Expand Referenced Message

So frustrating and also I forgot if it was you who asked about my insurance covering name brand. I have Blue Cross. Really good insurance pay a lot too. And nope! 4000 a month! Insurance’s and Pharmaceutical companies are the biggest scams there are!!

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Gabby Says:

Re: HomeTown Mom (# 49) Expand Referenced Message

Actually Mylan for me just worked and made things bearable. Where brand name Ativan rocked. Mylan didnt have any of the nasty side effects like most of us have been discussing. But the original brand really worked great and you didn't need as much. Just odd how some of us can take one and others can't. Still waiting for a call... Hang in there y'all!

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RobertA Says:

From their web site I just sent Mylan an inquiry about lorazepam. It included my phone number. They called me back within minutes. Lorazepam HAS been discontinued by Mylan. This is the definitive answer.

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Jenny Says:

Re: Twig7 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I know when I went to my pharmacy they didn’t have any of my xanax and they didn’t know when they would be getting any in. They are back logged. I had to go to 9 cvs pharmacies to get em just cuz ppl are junkies and f***ing make everything thing worse so it makes it harder for the ppl that don’t abuse it and actually need it.

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Joyce Says:

Called the company last weekend. Yes it's discontinued. The only lorazapam available now is "leading" and the awful one with strange side affects : bad dreams , little sleep. Actavis... I suggest getting off and asking the Dr for another script for sleep. I was on ativan for 7yrs .It's a going off. I only took 1mg nightly.

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Twig7 Says:

Re: Joyce (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

What company did you call that said they're discontinuing their medication? Are you taking about Mylan's Klonopin or are you talking about Mylan's lorazepam?

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Twig7 Says:

Re: Joseph (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I just looked on Mylan's website and they still show they're making clonazepam. I'm not sure if we can post links so just Google Mylan Pharmaceuticals. Maybe be your pharmacy doesn't want to purchase it anymore? As I stated some pharmacies will only purchase what their warehouses actually has and it's normally because of cost factors. It's not that the medications aren't available I believe it's all because of a financial deal. Few years back I had my local Wal-Mart purchase a drug nobody else would get and they had to tell their warehouse to pick it up for them. So it's not impossible to get anything out there it's just whether they'll do it or not. But folks I can't stress this enough please stop posting comments that something is discontinued unless you know for a fact it is. Calling the pharmaceutical companies directly is your best option to know whether it's available or not. But man guys you can put some of us in a tail spin posting half truths. :( Best wishes to you all.

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