Is Sandoz Lorazepam The Same As Watson Or Actavis?

winjy Says:

Is sandoz lorazepam the same as watson or actavis?
I mean, the same brand?
I heard that they are same company or same manufacturer.

I took watson but due to serious side effect (panic attack, heart pounding, dehydration, choking, asthma, internal tremor, insomnia) with no calming effect, I was very ill so could not take it. Rite aid accepted return, but CVS did not accept return when I got serious side effect from leading pharma lorazepam at once so could not take it.

CVS said in California, once patients receive any medicine they can not return it as it is against the law. Then why rite aid accepted return?
CVS also told me that no transfer is allowed.

But for controlled substance, one transfer is allowed as I experienced a lot of times before.
Once patient bought it unless they return it they can not get another prescription.
Therefore, if patients can't take medicine due to side effect, they have to wait for the next refill which means they should live without taking medicine thus they get ill.

Anyways, I wonder if watson, sandoz, actavis has the same medicine under different name as they are same company and manufacturer.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Winjy,

Sandoz is it's own company, completely separate from Actavis.

Back in 2013 Watson pharmaceuticals adopted the new name Actavis inc. so yes these two companies are one in the same but the Watson brand/generics fall under Actavis now.

Touching on the other subjects that you mentioned both pharmacies are correct. According to the California government no prescription drugs can be returned to stock and resold. The reasoning for this is that there is no way for the pharmacy to ensure the quality of the drugs once they have left their possession. In order for drugs to maintain their effectiveness they must be stored properly and treated with care, by not having possession of the drugs at all times the pharmacy can not in good faith resell the pills, however, it is not uncommon that in order to maintain a good relationship with the public that pharmacies will accept pill returns and then dispose of them properly. It is ultimately up the pharmacy to determine the loss and make the decision as to whether they will accept the return or not.

Long story short, CVS does not have to accept the returns because they legally won't be able to resell the pills and Rite-Aid returned your pills because that is their customer service policy and not something they are legally bound to do.

I hope this information helps.

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winjy Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Your explanation helps me to understand the return policy.
Walgreen also did not accept Teva's naproxen DR when I tried to return on the same day I received it without taking any tablets as I allergic to talc (inactive ingredients) in it so wanted to return it and receive another manufacturer's naproxen (atavis) that walgreens had.

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Jo Says:

Actavis/Watson worked for me. Sandoz is a different brand and made me more anxious and did little to help. Everybody responds differently.

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Gabby Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Keven it's good to know Sandoz was making their own version of lorazepam. I just took my last dose of Mylan today and started Sandoz. So far it's making me pretty tired. Also my SpO2 level isn't where I'd like it to be. My heart rate is higher then when on Mylan. Sandoz has discontinued making all strengths. I called them last week the man said they no longer make it. Website doesn't show it either. I'm hoping that this Sandoz will balance out until I come up with another plan. Just overwhelmed. My Pharmacy's Warehouse has Sandoz left but they don't have much left. This is getting me by the time being.

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Richard Says:

Watson is the manufacturer- Actavis is the distributor...I was unsure (though 2 pharmacists told me such)...until I checked the link below. Look on the left where it says “view package photos”...tap one of those....clearly shows manufacturer and distributor:

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Jo Says:

Re: Jo (# 3) Expand Referenced Message
Sandoz gave me also the same reaction. More anxiety and jittery. Watson brand really helps calm me down. Works the best for me too.

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judy Says:

I feel very bad for all who have suffered side effects due to generic medications being made overseas. I am not on Lorazepam, but the "inert ingredients" a/k/a "fillers/binders" put in generics from other countries are making many patients ill, including myself, and I fear deaths have and will occur.The FDA does not inspect the factories abroad and the FDA does not care about patients anyway. This, unfortunately, is where the USA has arrived, and I do not anticipate anything getting better soon.

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Jo Says:

Sandoz is not the same manufacturer as Actavis and Watson. Actavis bought out Watson. Sandoz is a totally different manufacturer. My RX's state Actavis is the manufacturer, however, if you open the bottle and look at the Lorazepam pills, they are imprinted with the name WATSON. Sandoz did not work for me, but Watson does.

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joe Says:

Ok, let me say this about sandoz: when they purchased the actavis brand about 5-7 years ago, they had every opportunity to continue making lorazepam the way actavis did. They chose to alter the actavis formula to the point that it was more profitable than effective. The first and second time i took the sandoz lorazepam it was nothing short of a joke. I was up most the night because the sandoz lorazapam was pure junk. I later found in my travel bag a few of the old actavis lorazapam and they worked fine.

Shortly after the purchase of the actavis brand, which wasn't easy to find at the time, most of the pharmacies in hawaii started carrying the sandoz brand. So here's the question you need to ask yourself: How was it actavis was difficult to get in hawaii, but after the selling of this product to sandoz, almost every pharmacy was now carrying the sandoz brand.

When i realized how bad this product was i asked the pharmacies why would they carry such a product and they all said the same thing: They go with the cheapest product. Actavis wasn't cheap, so it was difficult to get, but through some magical power, sandoz made this lorazepam the cheapest lorazepam out there.

Some of you are asking about the new sandoz lorazapam. Well then maybe you can answer this: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ORIGINAL ACTAVIS LORAZEPAM THAT THEY PURCHASED YEARS AGO? I have no doubt it's in some garbage can. I myself have no sandoz products in my house nor will i ever have any. Any company that puts their profits over the well being of the people that needs these products will never get a penny from me. Just ask yourself, why would you give this company another try at taking your money when they had the opportunity to offer the public a proven product (actavis) and decided that profits were more important?

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