Kratom Vs Narcotic Efficacy In Pain Management

David Says:

In your experience, which one works best for pain management?

Taking side effects into consideration, I find that kratom wins by a long shot over narcotic pain meds. During my experiment with kratom, I've only ever experienced temporary nausea less than a handful of times in higher doses... On the other hand pharmaceuticals have side effect lists that are longer than many children's stories (not to mention being potentially severe / life threatening to top it off).

Having experience with both kratom and vicodin, my personal assessment is that (depending on the strain) kratom has noticeably stronger analgesic effects - but I wonder if anyone else feels the same way? If so, which pharmaceutical medication do you think kratom's pain relieving efficacy is comparable to?

Do you think certain strains of kratom are capable of replacing virtually all pharmaceutical pain meds?

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brittbritt0424 Says:

kratom has changeed my life...I used to be extremely addicted to pain killers and then switched to methadone.
After quitting methadone i figured id go back to normal in a few months..nope I had constant anxiety and depression for a year after quitting and I almost killed myself many times then started taking kratom and I can now work, think clearly, and most important I'm happier with this new amazing quality of life. My PTSD symptoms are virtually gone and I only take 3-4 grams at a time in morning and at night. I recommend it over pain killers any day.

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golfguyjoe Says:

I agree with you 100%! Kratom is the best pain reliever. I have been a chronic pain patient for 18 years. I have been to pain clinics and have been on codeine, percocets, I'M oxycodone, morphine- You name it- It has been prescribed to me. With the authorities coming down on Doctors for prescribing narcotics, it is difficult for pain patients to find relief. Kratom to the rescue! It is Better for pain relief than Anything that has Ever been prescribed by any doctor. Thank God for kratom, you don't need a doctor.

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Jinny3 Says:

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What is the best type of Kratom (strain) to buy and dosage that mimics a 10 mg of percocet? I hear Bali is best for sleep and Malaysian or Thai for energy, but don't know how much to take. Also, tea, chews or capsule?

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