Lorazepam By Ranbaxy

Carolyn Says:

Does sun pharma carry 1mg lorazepam made by ranbaxy or another maker I have been taking the ranbaxy brand for 20 yrs and doing well by it now I can't get it anymore and the ones I can get are making me sick ( headaches nausea etc) any answers would be appreciated. When will ranbaxy brand be available again

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Carolyn! How are you?

It isn't that one isn't available, but that your pharmacy was able to get the other generic cheaper, when they needed to restock their supply. However, you can ask them about ordering the other one in for you.

This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Lee Says:

Did you find a pharmacy to sell 1 mg tabs of Ranbaxy 1 mg lorasepam. I had the exact same experience as you when my pharmacy CVS changed to the brand of Mylan. It is horrible, don't understand how it could be so different. Anyway, I found I could obtain 2mg tabs from CVS of Ranbaxy. Only problem is I only take 1/2 mg at a time and I have to cut into four pieces. It's not easy to get the exact amount doing this. I just want to go back to the one MG so I can easily cut in half. This has been hell for me. I am in Florida. Does anyone have suggestions on how to track down pharmacy that carries the 1 mg Ranbaxy Loraxepam?

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Carolyn Says:

My cvs pharmacist said ranbaxy is not allowed in this country anymore but when I picked up a prescription for water pills they were made by ranbaxy. why is just lately that's such a problem getting pills that your been taking for years and it seems to be the same story with all the drugstores I am in south Florida I was taking 1mg of lorazepam

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bob Says:

Thanks, will check with cvs about 2 mg.

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Lee Says:

Just found out I can't get the 2mg anymore either. I have heard good things about Excellium so I am going to try that brand. Has anyone had any luck with Excellium or other brand? I need some help please.

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vjm Says:

I too have been taking Lorazepam made by Ranbaxy for a long time. So far I have not found another generic form that works for me. I have tried every generic of Lorazepam made by several manufacturers and none of them come close. Can you give me a manufacturer that is closer in the chemical compound than other manufacturers? I have been taking 2 mg to sleep at night. With out the medication I don't reach a deep sleep. Sleeping pills don't work the same and cause other issues for me. You help would be appreciated.

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