Lorazepam Taste

jessie Says:

I been taking lorazepam 1 mg white small round, soft and sweet tasting. I think these are meant to be taken sublingualy. I just got some that were crushed up but they were bitter. Anyone heard of bitter tasting lorazepam? White in color and not soft?

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David Says:

Hi jessie,

After seeing a number of comments from other users, I think the taste largely depends on which manufacturer you get.

Most of the reviews I've come across state that they also had a extremely bitter or chalky taste in their mouth after having certain brands. While others have somewhat of a sweet taste.

Perhaps one or more of the inactive ingredients that make up the tablet's composition, could be more prominent in a particular batch. That's just one theory anyway.

Do you know which company it is who makes the bitter version of Lorazepam?

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KaseyJoy Says:

Taste is definitely sweet tasting. The sublingual variety is currently what I am looking for - if you are still taking it would you be able to find out who the manufacturer is from your pharmacy for me? I am having issues locating if anyone still makes these. Having wicked anxiety thru the sunless winter months. (I take supplements as well).

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Nina Says:

That is almost positively alprazolam.. generic for Xanax. They are truly the ONLY benzo that's bitter and has a sorta snap if broken in half. Had to learn this because of counterfeits being distributed.

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Dax Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Is it legal for a doctor to prescribe a placebo instead of lorazopam?

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Dax Says:

Re: Nina (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I was prescribed lorazopam. The problem is unlike those in the past, which tasted bitter this one had no taste whatsoever. Either it is counterfeit or it is a placebo. Is prescribing a placebo legal?

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Max Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Mine tasted so sweet I thought they were counterfeit.

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