Multiple Sclerosis And Ive Had Knee Surgeries(from Slip And Fall) Cant Find A Pain Doc That Will Prescribe Meds Medicare Medicaid

tattooed42 Says:

ive had m.s. over 22yrs,had a slip and fall in 08,after 1st surgery,had multiple more back to back,due to hosp negligance,was in nursing home w/central line in m y neck.knee is bone on bone,i cant find a pain clinic doc willing to prescribe meds..norco 10/325's fine for the day,one 4 mg dilaudid for the night...instead they want to turn me away,sayin they arent accepting any new patients,(though i have medicare a+b,and medicaid)..or they want to treat me by injections,no pills...

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Verwon Says:

What is your general location?

That may enable people that know a good doctor in your area to make a recommendation.

Additionally, are you asking for medications right away? If you are, then most doctors will see that as drug seeking behavior and will react by not prescribing anything.

If you've taken such medications before, then you really just need to make sure that they get a current copy of your medical records, so they can see what has and hasn't worked for you, as documented by fellow physicians.

And have you tried the injections?

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Rachel Says:

This is old and I'm new here but understand your situation clearly & was wondering if you ever got help? It's sad all the new reak thru to help ppl in pain...then so much trouble w/addicts (which meds do to GOOD PPL in pain) etc. So dr's are at stake too. Just wish we had a more natural way to stop the pain better, foods do help but not enough. Hope you got help.

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Lora Says:

I have M.S. and was diagnosed in 2007. I was getting hydrocodone 10. I've been taking many years. now my Dr. put me on anti inflammatory meds. Ibuprofen 800mg. Now it's dangerous to take any anti inflammatory meds, including: Advil, Naproxen, all anti inflammatory, except aspirin. This is ridiculous. All because, of people who abuse them. They might as well say, well then suffer we don't care. As long as there are drug dealers. Where are the cops? sooner or later they will get caught. Isn't a dr.s script enough? Why can't they take drug panel for everyone to find out what kind of drugs are in their system?

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