Naloxone/narcan Experiences

JordiLaForge Says:

Recently I was given narcan in the emergency room after being nonresponsive for an hour and vomitting while I was unconcious. I had taken 120 mgs of ms contin and 2 mgs of ativan, but in this case it wasn't the pills I had swine flu. That was the reason I couldn't get enough air and couldn't stay awake. Anyway they gave me the narcan and almost immediately I started shouting and swearing and having extreme chills and heat flashes at the same time and extreme paranoia. I also couldn't stop coughing and was breathing very rapidly. I was just wondering if that was withdrawal symptoms from the dose of narcan or if I just had a weird reaction. Thanks for your help.

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Micah Says:

Sounds weird or you are alergic! I say alergic cause my wife had the same kinda thing happen to her.

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Mike Says:

The reaction that you had was the withdraw effects from things like heroin oxys preks and what not.

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James Says:

I had a very similar experience, it's the narcan!!

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Dede Says:

I overdosed approx 14 hrs ago. My bf said i went blue and my heartbeat was nil and no breathing, so he immediately gave me naloxone and i came to all my senses within 5-10 minutes. I felt really freaked and confused and panicking for at least one hour with nausea and eventually felt ok but have no memory of it and in disbelief. He said he was so scared that i was about to die. I was hysterical and eventually calmed down, but I still have feelings of confusion and am now afraid to sleep. It was half a point of carfentanil. Some hours later i even took hydromorphone and felt it. Should i not worry about sleeping now? It's been hours later and i do feel ok but no i didn't go to a hospital or anything.

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