New M 8956 Adderall Xr Generic Beware

Jen Says:

A friend of mine went to Walgreens this month and got Mallinckrodt generic 30mg XR's. The imprint is M 8956. They look like that garbage CVS generic with a clear bottom. I have to fill my script tomorrow and I plan on asking what they have before I fill it. I suggest everyone else does the same.

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Trev Says:

I'm new and just got my 3rd XR script filled today and immediately noticed the beads inside the capsule were white and not orange, and found they were made by Mallinkrodt. I haven't tried them yet but would the Walgreens Pharmacy exchange for a new script by a different manufacturer? Not looking forward to a whole month of something with so much negative feedback..

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Jen Says:

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They won't exchange it. Once it goes over the counter that's it.

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Nico Says:

Did it end up working?

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Sunshine Says:

I just had my Adderall ER 30mg filled. The pills didn't look right, so I checked the MFG. It is made by Mallinckrodt. They DO NOTHING!! It seems like the main ingredient is missing! I use this in combination with antidepressants. This is a very bad situation. I do not know if my doctor can or will write a new script for a different brand of these.

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Sage Says:

Re: Trev (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have been getting my Adderall filed at Walgreens for years and always got the generic by Shire Band 361. I get a 3 month supply. Three months ago I had it filed and I got home and the pills had M 8956 30 mg on the capsule. Tried to get them to take it back. I paid $155 without insurance and Krogers had the same thing for $69. I use Good RX. Weird thing is I never have seen a ADHD pill or capsule without the Adderall written on it. So, I took it for 2 weeks & gained 8 pounds of fluid and my ankles and feet were so swollen. Also, my stomach stayed acidic. Went back to my doctor today and told him. Walgreens tried to give me the same pill. I WOULDN'T take it. I looked it up and Adderall and this pill are different ingredient's made by different pharmaceuticals companies. HMMM, I told the pharmacist to give me a list of all the ADHD medication I had filled there. He wouldn't . RED FLAG!

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Mj Says:

WOW..Mallinckrodt adderall is terrible! Been taking adderall over 10 years, First time refilled @Walgreens- heart pains. Severe rash, muscle aches head aches, slimy coating in mouth. Dizziness and eyesight affected.

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mike Says:

Re: Mj (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

I had a super similar situation after taking Adderall (Prasco version) 25mg xr for a long time and then walgreens dropped 25 mg Mallickrodt xr in my hand last December. My life slowly descended into hell in 2 months. Then I was so scared to start up medication for 6 months. I should have gotten help sooner but when I did my neurologist figured out it was likely the manufacture change that got me down this road. I never imagined anything like this could happen. I researched with the pharmacy as to when they gave the new brand to me and sure enough it aligned with when life went downhill for me. I have found many others with the same situation. Most were able to realize this much sooner than me and straightened it out. I never considered that something like this can happen or to watch out for. It took 8 months and 1 appointment to make this clear what likely happened.

I think its a matter of taking one thing for a long time and then suddenly taking another. If brand name drugs are different than a generic (obvious and known) then the there must also be a difference between manufacturers. I found out the hard way being completely in the dark about these considerations.

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Michael S Says:

Re: mike (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Basically, same here. Almost exactly. Have you been able to find the Prasco anywhere else?

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