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Courtney Says:

Hi, I have been taking about 12 mgs of suboxone for about 16 months. I want to taper down and my doc suggested the sublocade injection so I went ahead and got it this week. I did as much research as i could but there really isn't much info from people who receive it. Anyway, I got my first shot this past Monday at 3pm (it is now Wednesday)

The first day I felt great, yesterday and today I have pounding headache, and a tiredness I just can't shake. My doctor said I may need to continue taking oral suboxone for a few weeks after I get the first shot ( which makes no sense to me, isn't the the POINT of getting the shot, to not need suboxone anymore?!?)

Anyway, I need some advice from people who get Sublocade.

1) What should I expect during the first month of my first shot?

2) Should I continue taking suboxone orally for now?

3) any other information, tips. warnings, whatever you have for me would be appreciated!

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Sick and Tired Says:

I am sorry to hear of your bad experience.I have been on subs since 2008. I have been on both subutex and suboxone. This was back then and the Doctors had no clue about the drug. I have endured precipitative withdrawal and I lost count of the Doctors. I was in the office when a drug salesman came in pushing the shot. No way. Think about it... How many people have had good experience? If your goal is to get off this drug, get back on subs and taper down. Thanks for posting this. There is not a lot of good reliable information. Good luck to ya

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Anon Says:

You may want to read the very tail-end of this written thesis on Sublocade! Scroll all the way to the bottom to the the “conclusion” section. OR read the whole thing if you want!

Sublocade - Curious? Theory For Many Successes & Failures

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Believer in Sublocade Says:

I work in a detox and sublocade is given often these days.. It seems mostly to be a miracle for people who can't manage their strips (by relapse or selling them) but I've seen a small percentage of people need to supplement with films in the beginning... Usually it's temporary and after their next shot the medicine has built up in their system and they no longer have to supplement with more suboxone. It's not something they continue to have to do, so when you read about it and think it is contradicting to have to still take films, know it is usually just temporary!

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