New Adderall Generic 10mg Not As Effective As Normal Adderall Generic 10mg Please Help With Advice

Brittany Says:

I always go to the same pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled, but this time, I was on my way to school so I stopped at a different pharmacy and got my adderall filled there.
My usual pills are generic 10mg, as are these new ones.
My normal pill bottle reads: Amphetamine Salts 10mg, gen for Adderall 10mg tablet. take one tablet twice a day. These are made by Caraco Pharmaceuticals, I believe (well that's what the bottle says, so I'm assuming that's what it means). They are a turquoise-ish color, and round.

The new bottle of generic pills that I just received has the same information except it says they are made by Corepharma Jtk. They are vivid blue.

These new pills do not seem as effective at all. I feel like I can barely concentrate. I don't know what to do. How do I last a whole month like this? I'm currently in school and I work...sometimes when I'm at work and I am counting the money in the drawer, I have the recount it 3 times because I can't's insane. I cannot believe the difference this pill has compared to the last pill. Can I call the pharmacy or something and have them get me the pills that the other pharmacy gives me? I don't even know what to do. I just can't do this for a month. Helppppppp. School is so important to me.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Brittany! How are you doing?

There can be some slight differences from one generic medication to another, but they are very slight and normally your body will adjust in about a week or so.

Have things improved, yet?

This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, anorexia and nervousness.

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pammie Says:

She's right. They are weak. I will no longer get any core pharma adderall. I had some 10 mg adderall left over from 2005 and they helped me more than the 10 mg. core pharma did. They do not help and they are weak. I'm now waiting to get my prescription filled for 20 mg. I'm out of the 2005 adderall but I can promise you I will know longer but CORE PHARMA! I too have been on adderall for a long time but I know that my not addicted if I had 10 mg. left over from 2005 and I could tell a difference with them over the core pharma.

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Michael Says:

I never tried the name brand for 10 mg but I go to Walgreens and get a 10mg xr and it works pretty good. The Walgreens I go to get the generic from the same company that produces the name brand Adderall. I would think all Walgreens purchase from the same people. Give it a try and or ask the pharmacist at walgreens.

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Trumont31 Says:

Corepharma or CORS as I call them suck! They make you feel like you're on crack (not that I've ever had it) and suck compared to the manufacturer who makes barr/teva. I'm prescribed 30s so they look like a small football scored with b/974 on side one, and 30 on side 2.

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Ali a Says:

Everything is habit forming. I'm tired of certain drugs getting a bad rap for erroneous claims of its risk for addiction. It's bulls***.

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Patrice Says:

Has anyone tried the new Adderall Capsule by Lanette company ?
I need to get my script today and that’s all Walgreens has, I usually have been getting Northstar but they haven’t been very effective lately...

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DrMerritt Says:

TEVA Adderall ONLY!!!!! (Orange oval football shape)...The absolute best ingredient. I’ve taken Adderall for over 25 years. I consider myself an expert in knowing variations of different Adderall.......DO NOT let any physician or pharmacist tell you the lie that “all Adderall is the same”...because it is NOT! There is only one adderall made of good quality which is made in Israel by TEVA Pharmaceuticals. The rest of the junk like Alvogen, Lannett, Sun Pharmaceuticals are all made with low grade generic fillers from China and a India. Refuse this junk fillers. Demand your rights!!!

You have the legal right to refuse junk from Asia and demand TEVA and if your pharmacy is out it’s because it’s the best! Take your script to a pharmacy or call around to your local pharmacies to find out who sells TEVA. Until recently Walmart had the TEVA contract but they lost it trying to save a penny. However, Walgreens now has it and maybe some other local pharmacies. It’s worth waiting for TEVA as there are no comparisons between TEVA and the low quality of these other off brands and many thousands of patients have written these companies complaining. Write the FDA a complaint was well because the junk from China does not work.. Need more proof?? Refer to the thousands upon thousands of complaints on Reddit about how TEVA is the only Adderall that works. It will blow your mind. My advice is do not accept the crap from China and India. If it does come from Europe/Israel leave it with the pharmacist and find you a new pharmacist.

Alvogen and other generics make me sick because it taste like what I assume rat poison would taste like, accept TEVA Only. It’s in big demand for one reason because it works! No, I do not work for TEVA and have no connection with the company. This is my tried and true opinion over a 25 year period... I’m just sick and tired of these lying physicians and pharmacist telling me “they are all the same”. Hell no they not! If they were then we would only need one name brand, right? Demand TEVA Adderall as it makes all the difference trust me. It’s worth your time to locate a pharmacist in your area that offers this quality drug. Google the TEVA difference and read the complaints for yourself.

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Optimistic Says:

Re: Trumont31 (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I will only take Teva adderall. Wallgreens and Walmart carry it.

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LPbryant Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

TEVA got bought out and I heard they aren’t great. I’m having the same issue and trying to find a good generic to stick with and request it at a pharmacy. I don’t even want to take this bottle but then I’m 30 days with nothing :(

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