Oxycodone Withdrawal- Please Help

Brittany Says:

I just moved to North Dakota from Texas and in Texas I had a pain Dr. for extreme migraines, they call it chemo brain, as a result from when I was on 3 years of chemo. Well it's harder to find a pain dr here than what I thought, they'll all 2 months out so are family Drs. I take 12 15mg oxycodone daily and I ran out 2 days ago went to the ER because I was hurting so bad and he gave me 20 4mg Percocets. They're are gone now I took the last one when I woke up. Since those 2 days I was taking Percocets does that count as tapering to help the withdrawal a little. I have no idea what I'm in for and I cannot find anyone to prescribe me any sort of withdrawal medicine, that's all I'm worried about!

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J0NNY 0XY S0FL Says:

Brittnay- have you looked into suboxone doctors to get you off the oxycontins? When i stop coat(chronic opiate agnostic treatment plan) treatment thats what i use or i taper down

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DCcc Says:

Jonny, she said they are all 2 months out/wait time to even see a Sub doc.

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Ricky Says:

I've been taking 20 mg of Percocet for about a month will withdraw be severe

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Richie Says:

I've been taking 30 mg of oxycodone for three weeks I'm going to start 5 mg tomorrow a day for withdrawal will that be helpful

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Kayla Says:

Hey there is pain management in Minot it's a two hour drive but worth it for sure

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