Percocet 10 325mg By Watson Mfg But Now Can't Find It, Please Help Me...

jennm Says:

For years I have been taking Watson brand Percocet 10/325 6 tablets daily. A few months ago I went to fill the prescription and was given Endocet by Endo Pharm. and told it was a generic they had, so I agree to take it. Then last month when I went to get the same script filled I was given Oxycodone/Acet by Actavis and told it is the generic brand but the company bought out Watson and that is why Watson is no longer available. Again, agreed but shortly after taking them I started to notices slight shortness of breath, fast heat beat, extreme dizziness, fall asleep within 30 minutes after taking them, less energy and still having pain. I never felt this way when on Watson and if they are saying it's the same company why am I having theses symptoms? I always take 6 a day, but with these symptoms I am only using 4 at the most and my pain level is higher than it has ever been. Has anybody else had this problem between Watson and Actavis brand medicine? Or these symptoms while taking this medicine? I need some help or suggestions please.....

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Jenn! How are you?

Yes, many people have been complaining about this medication, actually. However, the original is no longer available.

The best suggestion I can make is that you contact your doctor about trying something else.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions?

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Donna Says:

Hi, there are other threads that are also complaining about the Actavis brand of percocet you are not alone. One of the threads is entitled Watson is now Actiavis what is up with that? You can look on that thread and see just how many of us are affected by this horrible generic it is over 200 responses now. Please do not take anymore of those Actavis as some people actually have had to go to the ER because of medicine poisoning. Many of us including myself have contacted the FDA and put in a complant AND also have contacted Actavis and complained. The only way we can get this generic off the shelf and get it reformulated is to get the word out. This generic must come off the shelves because it is harming so many people and is nothing more than a sugar pill. Why should we have to be in pain and have to pay for nothing more than a pill loaded with caffeine and binders/fillers? It is just not right.

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jack delano Says:

I am having the same problem, I used to be on methadone and roxys for breakthrough but pharms quit filling for my doctor ,so I had to go to another doctor the problem is she want give me but 3 percs a day and their not working I called the pharm to tell them I got some bad pills they said they have had no other complaints at the present time I am having to grind up 5 pills put them in a shot of coffee and hope for the best.Is there anything I can do to help the problem with these fake pills

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Adil Says:

I've been on the Watson brand for 5 years after my second back surgery in 2010. This second surgery has left me with nerve damage in my right foot. Watson gave me relief. A few months ago I was given the Actavis brand. Due to my pain I found myself using more of the Actavis due to not getting any relief. I asked the pharmacist had there been complaints about this manufacturer. He said there has been many complaints. I even questioned my doctor who informed me there should be no difference. Here in Indiana the doctors started giving UA's every time you need a single prescription. Before my doctor was writing more than 1 refill at a time. I couldn't afford to come in monthly. For whatever reason the Doctors here in Indiana started doing UA's. I had been using more of the Actavis and time for refill my UA would be negative. I even informed her I was taking more due to this Actavis not helping me. Doctor now cant prescribe me any pain meds to treat my pain. Due to the DEA new law. "People were overdosing". So this new law has doctors running scared. Or is this really the reason for the change? I had been referred to a pain management clinic, same with him I informed him the Actavis isn't working I'm taking more compared to my Watson brand. I was dismissed from his office. Back to my family doctor. Now i'm in search of a new pain management clinic. To make a long story short I told the doctors I feel like a criminal. I don't sell my Watsons, I haven't overdosed on Watsons. I was going to work everyday, taking care of my daily responsibilities. Now I'm in worse pain than ever and prognosis are worse after taking a new Mri and an Emg. My right foot has become weaker. I'm not working now, I have no relief. New ortho surgeon says there's nothing he can do. He won't prescribe any pain meds unless he does surgery and that's for only 3 months. Family doctor prescribes tramadol for two months. Supposed to find me a new pain management doc. ( I guess I'll have to keep Praying). I don't wish back problems on anyone. Good luck to us Pain Suffers...

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Boatman Says:

I also have a problem finding Watson brand Percocet in the Eastern part of Massachusetts. I was on Watson 10-325mg marked W933 and W333 both of which helped control my knee pain. The last refill they gave me was Activis brand 10-325mg, these did not work at all. I was in agony all weekend with the Activis pills from CVS finally I got the doctor to take them back and I had to hunt around to find the Watson pills which a local CVS had. I found that Watson manufacturing was taken over by Activis. Now I am out again and can't find any drug stores that carry the Watson brand. Any suggestions

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Led Says:

Talk to your Pharmacist about changing brand. I get Oxycodone but not Endocet. There are others. Or try another Pharmacy. Call and ask which brand or maker they use. Many get whichever is cheapest. But that can be several makers.

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Michael Says:

Endocet generic brand is the only way to go.

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Michael Says:

Generic brand Endocet is the only way to go, It comes off the same line that the name brand Percacet, and they call it their generic.

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Proracer Says:

It's alot of work to find the generic that you were once given before. Endocet is a really good one! But you just have to get used to that new one you have been given by that pharmacy,and if you do not want that kind of generic,then you need to switch to another pharmacy. Every pharmacy carries a different generic..

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Pauline Says:

I have been on Percocet 10/325 for 8 years and the Watson brand is no good! It isn't as strong as mallinckrodt! I quit going to local corner pharmacies and started going to hospital pharmacies or independent owned pharmacies. I'm never told they don't have any and they always have the brand I like. I need oval with a score because when I don't need a while one and want to break in half, the oval with score are best, the round with score line require a cutter and I always ends up using it on about an 1/8 of my pills! Don't like the oval without score either because they won't snap giving you 2 equal parts! mallinckrodt is the best all around. I also take OxyContin 40mg 3x day and with cvs type corner pharmacies, they never have them, wanting you to wait days to order! Well when a patient has been on opiates for years you can't wait! I get my meds every 28 days and even if I still have all my 2 days extra, I would run out! That's why hospital and independent pharmacies are best!

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Regular Dude Says:

Adil, Sorry to hear about your situation. I know it was posted back in Oct 2014. If you haven't discovered it allready. Try the Richmond Clinic. It's for addiction. But given your situation.They do offer Methadone. Suboxone and yes Subutex. At 15.00 a day for your permanet nerve damage. I think Methadone would be your best bet. Hope it works out for you. And Noooo.. I don't work for them. You don't need a Doc approval. They have a Doctor there. You can dose the same day you go. They give you 10 days to dose up or down. For what best suits your pain. They are not a pain clinic. Please keep that in mind. They have saved my butt on more than one occasion . Due to Pain Managment Docs and Dea messing everything up. It's what we refer to as Pain Managment cleaning house. Due to Dea having them running scared of losing their lisence to practice. Good Luck to you. btw you will find them very professional and caring there.

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Antidiscrimination make alcohol illegal also Says:

Where do u live?? I'm curious bc I'm in same bind. It's a shame people with real chronic pain I made to be like criminals you know who's criminal politicians a criminal

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