Pex 2 Alprazolam

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Small, round, and white. Are these Alprazolam?

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tulips1932 Says:

what are pex-2 alprozalam and is unipex the one who makes them recieved blister packs and they are white round with a score on one side and nothing on the other they clearly are not 2mg just wondered if anyone else knows about these?

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Anarion Says:

I too received these in the mail, but refuse to take anything without any identifying marks on it. I'm in the process of trying to get a refund or replacement (bars like was promised), but it looks like I'm out almost $400.

There's a topic on the web that says these pills are dangerous.

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Verwon Says:

I don't know anything about this and without any markings, it is impossible to verify what it is.

If anyone has more information, please post!

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kja2069 Says:

PEX-2 alprazolam do not work at all, they can't be 2mg alprazolam for they do nothing for me, I will not order them ever again

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DaveO.o Says:

I just wanted to add that I recieved the pex-2 today! Small round pill with no score or anything on them. I took one and withing 30 minutes could hardly hold my eyse open, so yes definitely strong :)

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So confused Says:

I see you guys post and I just don't know how there could be 2 different experiences. I am not here to sell or send you somehwer, I just want to maybe helpful to someone else. I normally get the xanax 1.0 light purple football shape and take just 1 and I am relaxed and feel fine. Now I got these pex-2 in blisterpacks that say 2mg aprazolam and they are just a small white round pill with absolutely no markings. Now here is the kicker. I know xanax is supposed to help you relax, but I everytime I take 1 of these round pills, within 1 to 2 hours later It is all I can do to keep my eyes open and my head from bobbing. So is this normal for like a 2mg xanax bar, or are they just some sort of sleeping pills... I have no idea how they don't effect Kja2069 above unless he done a line of coke before he took them, no offence! Bottom line is within 1 to 2 hours one of these little round pills make me unbelievably drowsy. Is this what xanax is for?

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nicolas Says:

bought pex-2 a number of times and I get a prescription in my home town of 1mg xanax, so I can tell the effect of xanax. If you chew one of the pex-2 you can taste the xanax very strongly in them. I get very high off about 10 pills but, I normaly take 15-20mgs of xanax to get this feeling, so if they are 2mgs 10 pills would be 20mgs I take. Bottem line I could take 20 1mg pills from my local pharmacy or 10 pex-2 and get the same feeling. I have also tested them by having someone I know has no bezodiazapines in there system piss in a cup and crush one of these pills put the powder in their urine and use an at home drug test and it comes up benzo positive. I also tested their urine prior to putting the powder from the pex-2 in it and it was negative for benzodiazapines so I know the person wasn't lying about not taking any benzos. Benzodiazapines are xanax, valium,klonapin, or ativan.

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xanzibar Says:

Let me tell you all about the differences between pex-2 and branded xanax.Pex-2 It is a slow release alprazolam that takes up to 2 hours to kick in properley, it has an incredibly long half life of up to thirty six hours. Branded xanax hits you quickly and hard, lasting usually up to six hours (by which time your usually needing another)branded Xanax has a triazolo-bound chemical structure that no generic version has, this structure is known to produce a feeling of being high or up which pex-2 doesn't. Pex is still a very strong benzo and very noticeable.kya 2069 I think you must be accustomed to this high that real xanax produces hence your dissapointment at pex.

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tit nitch Says:

I got my Xanax in the mail the other day and I was disappointed they were not bars as promised but they have no imprints or a score. They work very well so it seems like the people who got the ones that were scored got screwed.

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Tinkerbell Says:

I use Pex-2 and I have been using xanax for anti anxiety for years. They are slower acting because I notice if I take one at night, I do not wake with the anxiety. They almost seem only as strong as a 1mg XANAX but the effect is longer. I had received an order of bars (no markings) in a box, not blister pacs and they were ABSOLUTLEY worthless. They tasted like chalk and didn't have any taste. A real xanax will leave a bitter taste on your tongue is you don't swallow it right the first time. I believe that PEX 2's are the reall thing. But it could be that they are not the 2 mg?? They work for me, the effetc is just not as smooth and hard hitting as the prescription. You can take 3, 2mg pex and not feel that instant let down thatrelief that peopl with with anxiety crave BUT, it controls the anxiety around the clock.....

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David Says:

Pex-2 , I just wanted to agree that these pex-2 seem more like a sleeping pill. I don't get the calm relazing feeling like I get from the 1mg (xanax)footballs . Don't get me wrong too many will also knock me out, but I just don't think these Pex-2 are true xanax that we are looking for!

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David Says:

I think I already posted, I hope it helped, but it didn't seem to get posted :/

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Peter Says:

THEY ARE 2mg ALPRAZOLAM exactly the same as the Xanax 2mg Bars, they are just an overseas brand, come on people get educated!!!! I've taken all types of Xanax/Pez-2/Alprazolam many times myself, all the same active ingerdient i.e. 2mg Alprazolam.

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colby Says:

hey, im wondering is that just ur experience or is there any backup data on those pex-2's being time released, cuz imo it would make sense, as they are for sure strong, but my last a lot longer than the traditional from us pharmacies. and as u mention i often wait for that "feeling" to hit me sometime in late morning to dose a little and with these I am not feeling that physically at all, just wanted to put 2 cents in, i was taking like 1mg us regular at night to sleep not even daily maybe 20 or so days a month then i had to quit drinking which was my other big gaba crutch, and lately the need for benzos has really been increasing,,,im worried about it for sure, ill get thru it, but its hard to imagine a life with nothing working on those damn receptors-----peace and love to all of you

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Brk6097 Says:

Yes I also recieved those in the mail n I agree the ones with no score or marking are the real deal, the only bad thing is there really only equal to like.8 mg if u ask me. But if you call n complain they'll send however many you ordered the first time for free. I've done this for times already so if u do that it will balance itself out. But the first ones I got from this company were bar shaped n said xanax on one side n 2 on the other. Completely bunk, just a heads up. -David-

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UFC Says:

Recieved the pex-2mg white round no markings.Been having troublesleeping for three days straight no sleep at all.These finally came and took 1 and felt a little relaxed.before bed took another and had the best sleep that I ever had ,I take temazepam for sleep for about 13 years also work good but been out for about a month and cant refill yet for about a month because was taking the temazepam during the day for anxiety.These pex-2 worked great for me once i fell a sleep I was out and did not wake up at all till morning with no groggy feeling.I think they are a slow relese alprazolam.

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Roo Says:

I've just recently received my pex-2s and have received them once before. I know it has alprazolam in the pills but I believe it's not the same as a branded Xanax or bar. I think they might be extended release. If u chew one u should be able to tell if you've ever eaten a bar; it has that strong aftertaste. I'm not completely sure if they are 2mgs or not though they might be a little less.

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UFC Says:

Hi David,If you dont mind where did you call to get the free amount you first ordered.I would like to try that.I called the site I ordered from and they basically did not respond.About a month later actually 2 days ago and they responded and told me to call my credit card company and tell them I ordered some car parts that I never recieved and they will return my money.That did not work so if you please can tell me who or where you contacted I would appreciate it.Thanx UFC

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bridgette80 Says:

I got mine in the blistered pack, from India.They are PEX 2 and supposed to be 2mg. I have my own scrip for 1mg and I know what the bitter taste is...these have none. But almost immediately after taking one, along with a 1mg of my own script. It felt like i did when I took my very first xanax 10 years ago...So these did work for me. I order through npdrugs...anyone else have experience from them?

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molly tainner Says:

I have taken slow release medications since my fall. The time/slow released ones are coated with something Superman couldn't crush. Actually a hammer works,but I do not believe these are slow release,but not sure what effect they will have if any. The mind is so powerful,if you think they aren't real,they may not work. Sounds bizarre,but I speak from experience. Mine had no markings as well.I just took-let you know what happens.

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