Risperdal 2mg For Schizophrenia (Top voted first)

Pranab Kumar Says:

Dear sir My daughter (married) age 26 yrs taking Risperdal for schizenphrenia advised by doctor since 4yrs.If she discontinues the medicine then she becomes abnormal (means silently thinks all the time,becomes emotional,cries or sleeps etc ) Sir, I want to know (1) when she will become normal (2)The side effect of Risperdal on her pregnancy?

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David Says:

I can tell you there are many side effects of Risperdal unfortunately. It just depends on the body. There has been known to be Strokes in elderly patients and gynecomastia in younger boys (female like breasts) Many case suits have been filed on this drug and you'll need to be very careful and read the instructions properly.

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Dear sir my geographical location is Mumbai(India) My daughter (married,aged 26 yrs) taking Risperdal daily for schizenphrenia advised by local doctor since 4yrs.If she discontinues taking Risperdal(2mg) then her behavior becomes abnormal (means she becomes silent,thinks all the time,becomes more emotional,either cries or sleeps more but if she takes Risperdal then she is normal completely. Sir, my querry is that I want to know (1) when she will become complete normal without Risperdal & (2)The side effect of Risperdal 2mg on her pregnancy? pl.send a reply.Thanks.with regards-P.K.Dasgupta(Mumbai,India)

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Mrsann Says:

Mam this isn't humanly healthy for you daughter or you unborn grandchild you need to seek another dr and have them wing her off these drugs before affect that baby why would a dr. addict a human being to drugs noless a unborn child think about it its not right there's other alternatives trust me I understand what your dealing with I have a 20 yr old daughter going through right now and the out one isn't good

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Mrs ann Says:

I just updated a new regimen that my 22 yr old daughter who has schizophrenia/bipolar is on and its working awesome

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