Risperdal Side Effects And Withdrawal

mik lynch Says:

What are the side affects of Risperdal? My Dr has me on it for insomnia. He took me off Risperdal due to being drowsy during the day. Now I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Has anyone had similar reactions?

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george Says:

im 14 im on risperdol too. it made me tired during school. i only take it at night now. i stopped taking it in the morning on my own and i feel fine

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debbie Says:

There was one report on a national tv channel about a former mental patient taking risperdol, who had gotten worse, developed violent tendencies, and murdered someone - anyone else heard any bad effects of risperdol

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Verwon Says:

I am not sure how much of those types of actions should be attributed to the drug, it is an antipsychotic, so some people who are on it, are already unstable.

Some of the most common side effects include: drowsiness, anxiety, low blood pressure, muscle pain, sedation, sexual dysfunction and weight gain.


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Marie Says:

I recently tried to quit taking risperdal, by myself. I was taking .5mg. which is a very low dose. I began having hot flashes,night sweats, and I was waking up every hour, I could not stay sleeping for more than an hour at a time. I also was very suicidal soon after I stopped the med. I was not taking the risperdal for 4 weeks with symptoms apparently from withdrawal. I have now started taking my risperdal a few days ago. The symptoms have gone away. My dose was so small and I didn't think there would be a problem in stopping it. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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Reg Says:

My sister was just diagnosted with tardive dyskinesia after taking this drug for 2 years at .5mg a day. No cure for that suffering. She can't even go outside as they're very frequent and last for hours.

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Irish Says:

This is my second posting, now im really scared, i had no idea risperdal was addictive, i am a recovering addict and that is the last thing i need, i dont understand why its use is for psychotic tendencies, i am not that way, i suffer from depression, im thinking of stopping it, but i need to know what the withdrawl symptons are.
thank you

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Luana Says:

I was drinking my self risperdal, because i was diognosed with biopolar but I did not and do not believe that I am seriously sick. I was going through divorse and that time. Anyway, doctors put me on concolit, xanax, and risperdal.. My life started being like a hell. I did not live anymore normal life. I could not think. I could not take a shower. I could not sit in one place for long time. I could not read and wach TV. I could not walk for a long time either.. Anything I did I could not do normally. I felt I want to kill myself. My head was like an iron and my teath felt the same. I was taught if I want to quit I have to
quit it slowly. After going out from hospital I could not believe doctors.. I was healthy before I could do anything I want to and after having these medications I am feeling so sick. I quit medications my self slowly by slowly it took for me a while like three month. Now I feel much better I did not see doctor but still I feel I have some affect left from medication. I been off for three month and on medication i was for four and a half month. I been loosing memory.. can't remeber details.. When i was quiting I tryed to quit really carefully and slowly to adjust my body.. I did not feel anythy side affects when i was in process doing that.. First month I was drinking like my doctor asked me to drink, once I got out of hospital I started to plan how to quit. Because I know my body before anyone else know it!!! So, first week they started to give me 8 mg risperdal, I felt like a robot I felt it makes me feel like an iron body , after week they gave me to drink 4 mg, once i got out of hospital after one month I started to drink 1 mg, after three to five weeks I took half per day.. and gradually like this i quit.. and than i quit xanax and concolit i quit the last one.. but I did that by monitoring my self and by being patient.. I still cant live normal life bu I am feeling much better..

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Elna Says:

I need info on Concolit - is this the same product as Risperdal? Concolit was described to my son of 13 to help slow down the brain as he has a speech stemmering.

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Orphaned Says:

Re: Marie (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

My mom was on it & it gave her massive anxiety and panic attacks. It was awful. The sweating and confusion and weakness . . . and the worst part is it didn’t help her mental health at all. Not one benefit, but she gained 45 lbs, couldn’t sleep but couldn’t get up and do anything, constipation so badly she went to the ER . . . she couldn’t stop the meds because her doctor wouldn’t give her anything else. Not even an anti anxiety when this med made it worse. She had a 25 mg injection on 5/28 and she killed herself on 6/2. I am so glad you got off the medication. I could understand them keeping her on it if it helped anything but it made all her symptoms worse and gave her new ones. She told them, I told them, but they said all her complaints were delusions. They weren’t and now she’s gone.
Because “these people are already unstable” so I guess nothing they say needs to be taken seriously unless their psych doctor wants to, and they don’t.

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Mollie Says:

Re: george (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Get off this drug, it should not be given to anyone at all! I work in aged care and it is frequently prescribed for the elderly who are demented or just confused about where they are and why they are there and try to go home. It makes them worse the poor old things! Look up the side effectson the net, there are plenty.

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Susanna Says:

I don't know of any side effects. I am responding to you because I can't understand why the doctor put you on that for insomnia, with so many other medications on the market. I knew someone who was put on Resperdol (forgive the spelling) but that person had dementia. I would ask my doctor, why this particular drug. Sounds a little drastic to me for insomnia. Not my call though. You need to discuss it with your doctor.

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Sleepy Says:

Re: Susanna (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

It happens a lot. They wanted me to take it for anxiety. Nevermind that I responded perfectly to a half of a 0.25 xanax, lets try a heavy duty medication. They do it because they feel safer prescribing this crap than stuff that actually helps because some people can’t control themselves around meds.

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Sleepy Says:

Re: Luana (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

My mom was getting suicidal ideation from Risperdal and she told her doctors. They increased her dose on 5/28 and she was found dead on 6/6 from suicide.

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